Whose Responsibility Is It, Anyway?

When we recently had something fixed in our home, the instructions were unclear, and the technician wanted further clarification. Since my husband was the one who knew exactly what needed to be fixed and how it had to be done, I felt really stupid not knowing what to tell the technician. I literally was reading verbatim directions sent to me from my husband who retrieved them from the inspection report. Wouldn’t the technician know exactly what was required and where?...more

DOORMATS and PEOPLE PLEASING......When TOO Much is TOO Much....

DOORMATS and PEOPLE PLEASING…..When TOO MUCH IS TOO MUCH….. I think many if not most people allow themselves to get overloaded…..Overloaded with life obligations that many are not even theirs to take on….Some people simply take on any request that is made of them….Sort of like a horse that gets overloaded with too much baggage…..That horse eventually can’t handle the load and collapses….This seems to be how many people live their lives…..Overloaded…. Life is meant to be enjoyed and overloading one’s life with unnecessary obligations is not the right way to do it….We all have...more

Some Tips on Balancing

Everyone told me that becoming a full-time faculty member would be a huge change in my time management, but I had also been working an 8-5, so I thought I was well-prepared. ...more