Writing a book is like having your first baby...

If you have been reading the blog for awhile, you know that I’m in the process of writing a book. I was recently part of the anthology called The Mother of All Meltdowns, but even before that, I had started to write a memoir about the ten years my grandmother and I wrote letters to each other. It’s a book that is a complete labor of love....more

Tips on Balancing Work and Family

TLC For Kids, Inc has been St....more

Balance: It Takes Work

I believe a lot of us think of balance as letting go. To go with the flow more. And not work so hard. Stop striving towards the impossible goal of fitting it all in. Let go of perfectionism. (I too have been thinking in these terms). However, last week, I came to another conclusion. — Achieving and maintaining a sense of balance takes work. Real, hard work. ...more

Oh, Baby!

How lucky am I? I get to homeschool my two fun, wacky kids, ages 6 and almost 9, and I get to partner with one of my favorite people to write fun, choose-your-own-adventure style romance books at our website, PassionsPath.com. But this is where thing can get messy... my six-year-old asks, "Mama, why is your new book called Gwen's Awakening? What's an awakening?" My eight-year-old wants me to read him the chapter I'm working on....more