Fashion Rants Post-50

“If you’re over 50 and pick up a copy of Vogue magazine, don’t expect to see someone like you peering back from the cover,” writes Stephanie Pappas for a Today Show article highlighting the failure (or refusal) of women’s magazines to portray images of women that reflect their actual readerships, or ...more

"True Beauty" PSA's - Do They Help?

True beauty is found in your heart, not on your head....more

It's Not Just Hair!!!

“Chemotherapy hair loss can be emotionally devastating to women.” ...more

Bald - The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Have you ever wondered how many times you say or think “I assumed” in the course of one day?  How many things are taken for granted based on what  you assume to be the truth?  How many times do you find yourself jumping to conclusions based on issues without evidence?  Probably more than you would like to believe.  We all make assumptions.  We assume what people are thinking, what people are doing and the reasons why they do them.  We also assume many things about people based on  their physical appearance.  Overweight equals overeating?&n...more

Fabulous and Fashionable by Alex, a Sister-Alopecian

Pencil skirts or skinny jeans?  Colored or patterned tights?  Over-the-knee boots or peep-toed heels?  Button-up sweater or pea coat style jacket?  Turtle neck or tunic?  Brunette or bald???  I’m Alex, and I have been totally bald for all of my fabulous 20 years alive. First and foremost, I cannot wear wigs.  They are hot and honestly, I would probably whip it off half-way through the day out of total frustration!  So the alternative - let my bald head shine!...more

A Case of Mistaken Identity

Look at me, I’m bald! With 10 years of life as a bald woman behind me, I’ve experienced my share of head turns, inquiring comments, unwanted stares, and assumptions that my hair loss is chemotherapy related.  The attention used to stress me out big time.  Alopecia is sudden so requires instant adjustments.  As an Alopecian, I’m not physically sick, I just lack hair....more

I have experienced moments like this though totally different at the same time, being diagnosed ...more


Think teenager.  Stereotype flash!  Techno-addicts, outrageous dress, face piercings, casual disrespectful comments, defiant, drama queens.  Now think again.  Think caring, think loving, think socially responsible, think bald, think Georgia Barlow....more


Have you ever considered why your eyebrows are such an important feature on your face? Consider this - almost 50% of communication is done non-verbally....more