Braiding and Weaving Linked to Baldness in Black Women

Oprah Winfrey once said that a big difference between White and Black women was that Whites obsess over their body size and Blacks obsess over their hair. Most of the audience seemed to agree. On another show, a Black family was being counseled over their obsessive spending. The financial expert told the woman she had to stop paying hundreds a month on her hair care and even Winfrey jumped in with “ don’t understand!...more


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Does "ShenMin" Mean "Desperate Fool" in Chinese?

Tired of having clumps of my own hair in my drain, on my floor and in my hands, I decided to take instead, matters into my hands and investigate herbal supplements to stop the mass follicle evacuation. What I settled on was an herbal supplement called "Shen Min." ...more

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: Pollution May Cause Baldness

Researchers have found yet another good reason to stop smoking and reduce pollution. They've discovered that airborne toxins may be a contributing factor for the onset of male pattern baldness. Scientists from the University of London studied hair follicles from balding men and found that the process of hair growth was impaired by oxidative stress. ...more