On the night before the night before preschool we asked Josie what she wanted to do on her last day of summer vacation.She sat and thought really hard until she finally said, "Balloons. I think, yellow for my first, and for my second one...purple."Josie continued with requests for cupcakes and something "fabulous." Excitedly, she went on about the balloons and how she wanted to let them go, and watch them fly to the clouds until they popped....more

Kelly Cheatle + Larry Moss = Airigami!

This month I'd like to introduce you to Kelly Cheatle and Larry Moss.  And together they are the extraordinary Airigami- the fine art of folding air!...more

A Happy Birthday Wreath

Here is my new tradition.  I am going to paint a letter for each of my family members and at the start of the month of their birthday, the wreath will go up with the first letter of their name. ...more

A Thanksgiving Treat: Macy's Parade Balloons Up Close

Last night I did something I’ve always wanted to do. That’s head over to Central Park West around 79th Street the night before Thanksgiving and watch as the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade balloons are inflated. I’d never done it before and I felt like a kid seeing Kermit the Frog and all the rest of my favorites....more

Greener Birthday Party (Take 1)

Paisley Handmade on Etsy! Like I ‘ve explained before going green for me is a trial and error process. I try something new, make mistakes and learn every day. This weekend my little princess B turned 3. This marked the first birthday party I would have to throw since making the switch to a greener life. Greener Birthday party, take 1:...more

How to Score a Free Balloon

   I have long said that any tantrum thrown in a supermarket is well-deserved.  The grocery stores are asking for it with their pretty displays of shiny plastic things glittering down every aisle a parent turns. The employees and other patrons of the place must simply be collateral damage in their eyes.  As if it is not hard enough to strap a child or two into their strange-looking carts and keep them calm during an entire hour of checking the ripeness of melons and the expiration date of hamburger, the advertising committee thought it would be a g...more

Simple Fun...


Wow what a Summer !

Exciting news … As you can see we have a New Look! has just been re-designed. I’m so excited about this. Let’s take a peek at what is new. ...more

A letter for the betterment of retail establishments the world over

Dear every supermarket/retail manager in the greater Toronto area, Hello from Don Mills! I’m one of your customers, or potential customers anyway, and I want you to know that I think you’re doing a great job. It’s not easy working retail, I know. I used to be waitress, which kinda sucked too, but at least I got tips. And free food. Anyhoo, I’m writing today with a simple, heartfelt request that, if granted, would really make a world a better place for me and, I wager, other moms too. I’d like you to lose the balloons. You heard me: the balloons ...more