Balsamic Vinegar Recipes You’ll Love

Maple Balsamic Dijon Salad with Strawberries & Pecans

So, I pulled my groin running last week. If it's not one injury it's another, I tell ya. The pain comes and goes, but the inflammation is ridiculous....more

I know what I'm having for supper tonight! It looks delish :)more

Cider Balsamic-Roasted Figs With Cheese

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Just Hand Me a Thigh, I'll Be Fine...

No, the title isn't a backstage quote from the recent MTV Awards, nor was it uttered by a dresser at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. It's me talkin', desperate to cook after a long week of deadlines and busy-everything, as I lay my hand on a package of organic poultry....more

Balsamic Roasted Edamame Corn and Tomato Succotash

What do you get when you throw together half a bag of frozen edamame beans, some leftover tomatoes, a can of corn, and some balsamic vinegar?! A tasty new dish for you and for baby!! I'll admit it, this recipe was an experiment...gone good (thank goodness!). I've roasted tomatoes in the oven before and they turned out delicious so I figured I couldn't go wrong with this one....more
If you like this recipe I'm sure you'll love the ones on my website! Check out ...more

Balsamic chicken at

Balsamic Vinaigrette

This post was inspired by a conversation I had with a friend (who shall remain nameless) a few days ago. This friend was telling me about a salad she had at a local restaurant which was, according to her, the best salad in the world. I was obviously intrigued. She told me the salad consisted of roasted vegetables atop baby spinach with balsamic dressing and feta cheese. Immediately I’m thinking, “mmmm, that would be even better with goat cheese. Wait, no, pan fried, breaded goat cheese…”. I digress. But I’ll be posting THAT recipe shortly....more


I had a great day today!!  Thanks to a wonderful friend (who found out several shows into a season subscription to the Broadway Lights series at Blumenthal Performing Arts Center that she really didn't actually like musical theater and gave me her remaining tickets that we had gotten together) I had an extra ticket to see Mary Poppins this afternoon....more

Citrus Balsamic Vinaigrette

Okay.....sorry to keep you all waiting!!  The consensus is that I need to write more and not worry about the "perfect" post, either recipe or photograph wise.  So in keeping with my new more relaxed posting style, I bring you an easy salad dressing I made for my salads last week.  And it was so was gone before I ever snapped a picture.  Oops!Citrus Balsamic Vinaigrette3 1/2 T safflower oil (or other healthy oil like sunflower....just not canola....and evoo is too strong)1 1/2 T Balsamic Vinega...more

...for the recipe. 

I'll try it for my next salad dressing and let you know.  ...more