What to do in Bangkok: The Golden Buddha

I could have spent months in Thailand and not seen it all, but what I did see will stay with me forever.  I spent the second half of my trip with my daughter, Alexandra, who always said she never wanted to go to Asia.  As it turned out, she was not ready to leave when the time came!...more

Weekend Market: Asian Version!

Asian weekend markets, I think, are very different from US or Europe.  Take for example the famous weekend market of Bangkok:  Chatuchak, which sits on a 35 acres and has about (between) 8,000 to 15,000 stalls!   And there are about 200,000 people of both local and tourists that come here every weekend!  Now beat that.  ...more

Shop Till You Drop in Bangkok!

Hi Everyone.. If you happen to want to travel to Asia, particularly Bangkok, where shopping is heavenly cheap, go to Fashion Platinum Mall.  Locals and tourists flock here to get the latest trends, and outfits, at half the cost of what youi pay anywhere....  its exciting!  Cheaper than Hong Kong!!!  Read more at http://catwifeinbkk.blogspot.com/...more

Words of Wisdom for 2008

We discovered some fitting wishes and words of wisdom for the New Year by way of a Buddhist festival that we stumbled upon in Bangkok. The festival says it much better than I ever could. So, here's wishing you a Happy 2008! ...more