Learn How To Get The Look of Bangs without Cutting Your Hair!

BlogHer asked if I wouldn't mind choosing a video from their vast inventory of BlogHerTV segments and recreate one of the beauty or hair tutorials to share with you... so of course I agreed! I looked around for a bit, learned a few new tips and tricks, and settled on this fun little ditty below; wherein Judy creates bangs with her long hair without actually cutting her hair. ...more
I have waist length hair, and my family has been bugging me to cut it short, and have bangs. I ...more

My big bang theory: Emilio Pucci Fashion Week Fringe

Bangs are back this season and it definitely showed on the Fall/Winter 2013-2014 Milan Fashion week. Emilio Pucci's, fashion designer at the show, had his models strutting down the runway in BIG bangs.  ...more
Bangs are cheaper than a facelift.more

Big Bang Theory

When I was a kid, my stylist recommended bangs all the time. She would sit me down in the kitchen chair - the one with brown faux leather and two wooden steps that folded out to create a ladder/chair, throw an apron over me, and ever so slowly use the kitchen scissors to cut a clean flat line across my wet hair. I can still feel the slightly ticklish, slightly menacing cold metal above my eyebrows. I can also hear the delicate, crisp cut of my hair and the metal swishing sound inside my head....more
LOL great blog.  I like your bangs by the way :-) I gave up on my bangs probably 5 years ago. ...more

Kindergarten Coiffure

Last Friday was like any other day.  The girls came home on the bus.  They played outside until it started to get dark.  We were all tired from the long week so we decided to have pizza for dinner.  After dinner we watched a movie together, and then it was time for Hunter to go to bed.  She went to her room, put on her pajamas and brushed her teeth.  As she was leaning over to kiss us goodnight, I noticed something wrong.  She had bangs where she didn’t have them before....Continue...more

Curly Q

As I sit in the waiting area of my favorite hair salon, waiting to get my hairs cut and artfully colored, I look around at the other patrons and stylists wondering about their hair and styles.  I have a short, blonde, pixie cut which always seems rare in my salon.  Most women have longer, wavier or curly hair....ContinueLanita Moss A Mother's Hood ...more

Growing Out Your Bangs? I Can Help

I've had some version of bangs -- blunt or sideswept -- for a good few years now. And most of the year, I adore the look of them. The way they lay, the way they flatter, the way they allow me to dramatically change my hairstyle without employing the use of bleach or other Dramatic Measures. Like I said, MOST of the year, I love my bangs. There are a few months (June through August, or "The Sauna Period") where I bemoan my decision to stick with bangs, and curse the floppy, stringy situation all up on my forehead....more

Oh how I wish I had seen this post earlier since I just came to the realization this morning. ...more