How to Open Bank Account in India? - Everything You Should Know

Bank accounts, everyone has at least one bank account with them some of us even have one or more bank accounts in one or more banks. In India we have many government and private operated banks or banking institutions with whom we can open bank account for us and keep our money. In this article of mine I will be telling you how you can open bank account in India and everything you should know about opening a bank account in India.So now let me get started and tell you the steps which are involved in opening a bank account in India and start using it....more

Save More Pay Less…. Why buy when you can get these 10 things for FREE! Day 2: Banking

Save More Pay Less…. Why buy when you can get these 10 things for FREE!Day 2: Banking: Never pay fee for merly giving the bank the privilege of ;having you as a customer. If you are paying a monthly fee for holding an account then you are over paying. Never pay a fee....more

One-Third of Banking Account Takeover Attempts Successful

The Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center (FS-ISAC), which works with the Department of Homeland Security, has released a study indicating that attacks on customer bank accounts have increased considerably in recent years....more

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5 Free Apps for Small Business Management

As a thrifty person in general, I'm constantly searching out free software and applications that will make my life easier. Especially apps that help me run my business more efficiently. I feel it's only right to share my favorite free apps that I use for my small business, that you may not be using (but you probably should)....more

great post. Screenshoots gives an opinion of usability. Sometimes i look through testimonials ...more

Consumers Face New Bank Fees

Remember those $35 checking account overdraft fees that were almost universally hated? Banks are in the business of making money. In previous years, they scored big profits on high overdraft fees. When the credit card reform act passed in 2009, however, new regulations meant that banks will no longer be making big bucks from fees and penalties. But consumers won't be seeing a end to fees -- as some fees went away, others popped up. ...more
I checked out our local credit union after my bank announced new fees and found out I had been ...more

Managing Paper

I consider paper to be clutter, especially when it is unsolicited. But we must deal with a certain amount of paper on a daily basis. Here are a few ways to keep from getting overwhelmed: Filing - Setting up and maintaining a simple, effective filing system saves an untold amount of time because you know exactly where to find items you need. - If you are a visual person, consider using different colors of file folders for different categories. ...more

Why You Should Join a Credit Union

I'm not one to get all excited about the act of banking. Actually I'm the girl who does every transaction via ATM because why go inside and like talk to actual people? No, give me my ATM card and the ability to make a deposit from anywhere and I'll be pleased as punch. ...more

From my earliest working days--right about when everyone was making direct deposit a ...more

What Should the Stimulus Look Like?

As Washington's power women (from Olympia Snowe to Claire McCaskill to Maxine Waters) work to sort out the Obama Administration's stimulus package, WVFC continues its Mistresses of the Universe conversation (click here for parts one and two)with a dialogue about women and our financial future. ...more


No, I don't think I'm hard of hearing. But a lot of what I'm hearing is hard to believe. Hence I've been saying, "What????" far too often. The housing, insurance and banking industries need bailing out because they were forced to grant loans to people who didn't qualify for expensive homes. WHAT? If anybody was forced it was greed that forced them to do what common sense had to be telling them was a stupid thing to do. ...more