Don't Ban Camp Body Talk

On the back of the first head shot I ever had taken, it lists me with my full name, that I'm 14, and 5'5" (I guess I grew that last inch and a half sometime later). I have a "fun and casual" style, enjoy singing, acting and writing poetry (really, 14yo me?!?), and have brown hair. I like love songs, and my favorite place at camp is the Mercaz Chevrah. Because my first "head shot" was taken at overnight camp, by my counselors who created "Heartbreak International," the modeling agency that my bunkmates and I were supposedly integral participants in together....more

Memo to School Administrators: Afros and Dreads Aren't "Faddish" Hairstyles

UPDATE: The Deborah Brown Community School administrators held a meeting Monday night, September 9, and voted to change the wording of their policy that led to one 7-year-old girl's being sent home for wearing her hair in dreadlocks—though that will not convince the girl's family to keep her in that school. Tiana Parker has already enrolled and been accepted elsewhere. ...more
Having archaic rules on the books is one thing, enforcing them is another. I got mad. My 14 year ...more

Banning pajamas in public

Who hasn’t driven their kids to school in pajamas? Raise your hand if you’re guilty. But if you haven’t noticed, pajamas, especially the bottoms, have become somewhat of a casual fashion statement in this country. Tweens, teens and college kids wear them, and not just to bed. To class, to the mall, around town, and some even try to get away with it at school. And they’re not alone. Adults find night clothing to be acceptable out in public, too. ...more