President Obama Delivers His Valedictory State of the Union

On the night that Barack Obama first won election to the White House, he announced to a cheering crowd, "Change has come to America."  In 2008, millions of Americans weary of a deep recession, wars in Iraq and Afghanistan hoped, and Obama promised a new spirit of optimism and bipartisan cooperation: ...more
Hi Dr. Pearson! Great summary. I couldn't agree more that Pres. Obama "got more of his agenda ...more

Will National Park History Repeat Itself?

Teddy Roosevelt and John Muir began the Environmental Movement in 1903.Now, imagine this scene with Barack Obama and Aaron Mair....more

Stem Cells Use To Treat Breast Cancer Firm Relocating To Mexico

 Barron's Medical Journal: Reporting From The National Basketball Association (NBA) " All Start Game" Location...more

The Blue Print To Prevent Breast Cancer - Has A New Tool " Big Data"

 Barrons Medical Journal Reporting From President Barack Obama Inauguration 2013 George Washington University Medical Center, Washington DC, United State...more

Gun Control Laws: America's Obsession to Master the Chaos

On Wednesday, President Obama unveiled some of the most aggressive, yet rather useless, gun control measures proposed in more than a decade following the fatal shooting spree in Connecticut that left 20 young children and six adults dead....more
@ParentingMiracles Of course. Hard to fit everything into a blog.more

Obama's 2nd term: Where the Women are(n't)

(Photo credit: White House)In early January, the Obama administration released a photo (seen above, taken on or about December 29th) showing the President and some of his top aides gathered inside the Oval Office during a meeting about the fiscal cliff negotiations....more

The Obama Obsession: After The Election

One thing America can take into account about the GOP when they're called into accountability for their funky behaviour toward the President Of The United States, is their staunch insistence of "I'm not a racist!" How many times has Donald Trump, Bill O'Reilly or Ann Coulter issued that utterance when making the talk circuit rounds to either make another book sale or talk dirty about the election? There were certain considerations the people of America had to consider when assessing who's better for the country and why....more

Was Romney's Defeat a GOP Referendum?

Gov. Mitt Romney's failure to unseat President Barack Obama, with Republicans and Democrats still reigning over the House and Senate, respectively, leaves Washington as we found it before last night: status quo....more
I used to consider myself an independent until the Tea Party came along and IMHO some very ...more

"I Voted!" and other things you should shout at people.

It’s Election Day! Did you vote yet? If not…quit reading this blog and go vote!I cast my ballot this morning and felt all patriotic and proud until I realized that my polling station totally doesn’t give out “I Voted” stickers! Uh, excuse me, but half of the reason I got up this morning and walked through the bitter cold to two different polling stations to cast my presidential vote was so I could be all bragg-y to others on the bus who obviously hate America and didn’t vote yet. ...more

Romney Banking on Low Turnout, Enthusiasm Gap

Happy Election Eve! National polling predicts a tight presidential election between President Barack Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney and some fear a long, drawn out ballot count. Mostly notably, both camps fear a provisional ballot count in Ohio that cannot begin until 10 days after the polls close. Hanging chads, anyone?...more
Rasmussen and Pew were not the most accurate pollsters in 2008. You're looking at the outdated, ...more