Tuesday 8/26/2008, Democratic National Convention, Denver, CO,

Tuesday at the ConventionHere’s a link to photos from Tuesday: http://www.kodakgallery.com/BrowsePhotos.jsp?&collid=985012541105.120190748605.1220063565218&UV=785110608196_741410748605&UV=785110608196_741410748605 ...more

Monday evening 8/25/2008, Democratic National Convention, Denver, CO

How is it being here as a Hillary supporter? For me it’s mostly ok. There are obviously many Hillary delegates and supporters here, wearing plenty of Hillary chum. Some have “Hillary Supporter for Obama” buttons. I am still a Hillary supporter (wearing “I <heart> Hillary” and “Thank you Hillary” buttons). I may always think she was the better candidate. But that doesn’t mean I (and others who wear these badges) can’t support Barack. ...more

Eating crow and loving it!

For my midnight snack last night I had my dark chocolates and a big helping of crow, which I washed down with my chamomile tea, and loved it! ...more

I felt the same way that you did watching that speech! I had debated whether I would vote for ...more


I am wondering if I am in an alternate universe.   Ever Since Barack announced that he selected Senator Biden as his running mate the world is once again revolving around Hillary. ...more