Think Before You Vote: 7 Choices You Make With Your Ballot

If you're willing to give up your mortgage tax deduction, vote for Mitt Romney. If you think the mortgage tax deduction is crucial to the middle class and a healthy economy, vote for Barack Obama.If you think veterans are on the dole and are part of the "victim class" who expect undeserved entitlements from the government, vote for Mitt Romney....more

Campaigning for Obama in Ohio

I arrived in my hometown, Cincinnati, Friday morning. After a nap and nice lunch with my Aunt and election co-conspirator, I reported to the Walnut Hills Barack Obama campaign office. I met volunteers from Georgia, Texas, Bakersfield, all over. I was asked to make phone calls, mostly to Obama supporters, asking them to volunteer. Then I learned out to use the database system....more
Yes. 1) Phone canvassing with straw poll voting for WWDC Radio in Nixon/Humphrey in 1968 as part ...more

What Your Vote Will Mean for You, Your Family and Your Country

If you're undecided, considering voting for Mitt Romney or thinking about not voting please read this. Let’s Take Healthcare First...more

Romney Dances Away from Obama Jabs in Final Debate

Gov. Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama walked into Monday's debate with one goal: to pursuade undecideds.For Romney, he needed to avoid being too aggressive and maintain momentum and for Obama, he needed to come on strong and pick up steam.It's a crucial time for both campaigns....more
Great post..I think you summed it up for all of us very well. I also appreciate your unbiased ...more

The Demon That Still Haunts Us: Just Whose Proposal Will Win This Election?

 It definitely isn't over. A stronger Obama appeared in Tuesday night's debate on foreign and domestic policy. It was a town-hall affair this time. Americans were on the other end of the debate questions....more

Ways Mitt Romney Is More Juvenile than my Preschoolers

I think the title here speaks for itself. No introduction needed.1) He rewrites history.My girls will say, "Hey, remember when you said you were going to give me a lollipop?" When I said, "I'll give you a lollipop tomorrow after breakfast, if you behave."Romney takes it a step further.He'll straight up claim that the Obama administration is trying to spread misperceptions about him by saying he doesn't care about 100 percent of the people. Which, obviously, he does....more

Romney, Obama Get Scrappy in Debate Over Middle America

Former Gov. Mitt Romney needs Ohio and its 18 precious electoral votes, while President Obama hopes his hefty ad buys blocks his opponent in the Buckeye state where debate watchers took careful notes.But just today, there were whispers in certain circles that Michigan and Pennsylvania might also be in play. ...more
I'd like to know who these respondents are because I don't think they watched the same debate I ...more

Image and Politics

~All the TV channels say Mitt Romney won the debate.~As Americans, we are so obsessed with image and likability that we refuse to open our minds to facts, numbers, models, scales, or anything that could possibly help our nation....more

Romney Slays Obama, Owns First Debate

From minute one, former Gov. Mitt Romney owned the first of three presidential election debates against the sitting President Barack Obama.That being said, Romney cannot afford to get overconfident in his skills or else, he'll lose Round Two....more
The biggest lie of the night for the debate slayer . . . Pre-existing conditions under is not ...more

A Debate Wish List for President Obama

I live in Ohio. That alone should induce pity, given that we're exactly 36 days from the November 6 general election (early voting started today as well).  You may think you know what it's like to be subjected to literally tens of thousands of political ads a week but, I'm just saying? I highly doubt it. I don't even watch broadcast television, but they get me when I turn on cable. And when I am avoiding cable, they get me in the banner ads - on every kind of website you can imagine, there they are. Then, there's the mailbox, and my email inbox, and the yard signs.My ace in the hole for putting up with this stuff is the fact that I've run for office before and was very well-prepared. Although I didn't have to debate anyone for a seat on my city council for a community of 6,000, I did have to learn how to speak extemporaneously and still sound authentic. On the third hand, I also knew in my head that I had messages to get across and points to make. So when I watch a debate, you can bet that I'm watching to see how the candidates walk these lines too. ...more
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