'Secret' Romney Tapes Expose Obama's Pre-Debate Weaknesses

That the so-called "secret" video of Gov. Mitt Romney from May, published by Mother Jones this week, had been on YouTube for months should have had the media suspecting a plant -- but they seem nose-deaf to what the supporters of the Obama campaign are shoveling....more
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Boogie Forward


Stale 'War on Women' Rhetoric Underscores Tone-Deaf DNC

It's bad enough when men regard women as single-issue voters, but it's insulting when women buy into that brainless nonsense.Hence, the entire one-trick pony "war on women" of a Democratic National Convention agenda this week showcased a party bereft of fresh ideas for women, unless they happen to think of little more than their reproductive systems.No question that women's issues post-Roe v. Wade must and will always include concerns about reproductive health....more
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DNC 2012: Latinos, Interrupted?

"This is a big night for our community." "El Julián is going to go national after tonight." San Antonio Mayor Julián Castro opened the 2012 Democratic National Convention, one sign of the Obama campaign's aggressive outreach to Latinos, an emerging community and voting bloc. In addition to Castro's keynote address, other important roles include the chair of this event -- L.A. mayor Antonio Villaraigosa -- and speaking roles for Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and Congressman Xavier Becerra....more

Who says crime doesn't pay?

Those of us who struggle each day to make sure ends meet…or at least come within shouting distance of each other…the economic crisis in which we find ourselves is more than a little frightening. Some of us wake in the middle of the night – or can’t get to sleep in the first place – wondering what will come of our families and our hopes for the future. ...more

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When Does Hillary Clinton Get Some Credit?

The New Republic, the same publication whose literary editor once referred to Hillary Clinton as a “hellish housewife” is at it again.  Only this time instead of sinning by degrading an accomplished woman, The New Republic is sinning by pretending she does not exist. ...more
Thanks, @Mona Gable MonaGable. TNR has always been this way to Hillary -- but they only echoed ...more

Romney's "We Did Build This" Right on Target

While Mitt Romney continues his foreign trip to England, Israel and Poland, back home the debate rages on as to who builds what in America.Just 99 days out from Election Day, 18 "We Did Build This" events span 12 states driving home the campaign's full-court press on President Obama's controversial remarks on in Roanoke, Virginia. on July 13:...more
It was clumsily phrased. A rarity for Obama. But when it comes to "things the candidate ...more

Romney's Europe and Israel Trip Exposes Obama's Foreign Policy

On Monday, I received an intriguing notice from the Mitt Romney camp that the candidate would begin a two-week trip abroad this week to England, Israel and Poland just as many trail-watchers figured a VP announcement was imminent. Just as I was about to dig into the history of foreign trips for presidential candidates, I received another notice that the president's campaign staff planned a media call at 11:15 a.m. EST....more
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Ron Paul's Last Attempt to Win Delegates

Ron Paul.Who is Ron Paul?Ron Paul is not the next Republican nominee for President of the United States.But just try telling that to his rabid base of supporters in the Ron Paul Revolution who pressed on even when the candidate himself stepped away from the campaign trail....more
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