Women, Race and Hillary Clinton

Indulge me a bit in posting on "old news", but there's a discusion going on in the blogosphere about the Senator, with the basis in feminism. On BooMan Tribune, Arthur Gilroy has decided that women, particularly left-leaning, blogging women, hate Clinton because: ...more

Where you say, "And sometimes I have to represent becasue if not, there would be no one at the ...more

How Big is Your Caucus

Cross Posted to Future Majority.com Many speculate on the democratic value of the caucus system because it requires people to be available at a specific time where in a primary you have all day long to vote. Thus the Iowa Caucus being held in the eventing and the upcoming Nevada primary being held on a Saturday. A recent post on MyDD explains differences in the two systems and some of the important details for the Nevada Caucus: ...more

Is it a "dog whistle" when White people do it?

I know dog whistle politics. We've watched the GOP hone it to a science, that's no longer a "dog whistle", but rather an air raid siren when they use their code words to signal the religious right, racists and money people. We know this. ...more

Steinem's Opinion Identical to Stanton's in 1865

Not much as changed since 1865 with regard to what pundits are labeling "gender backlash" today. 46% of white women voted for Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) in the New Hampshire primary, fueling her surge over Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL). ...more

I genuinely appreciate the links each commenter has offered, and I intend to read each carefully ...more

Clinton Finds Voice, Wins Half of Young Voters

UPDATE: This morning after the dust cleared, CIRCLE (pdf) had revised numbers that puts the vote count at 84,232 voters under 30. I've said it before but I'll say it again - the real winner tonight was young voters. Unlike the post I did a few days ago, we saw a whole different Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire tonight. ...more

Dear Gloria Steinem: Ain't I a woman, too?

Originally posted at www.whattamisaid.blogspot.com. ...more

Nice piece. Gloria Steinem's old school feminism lost relevance long ago for just this type of ...more

NEVADA: Labor backs Obama

Well, Sen. Obama locked up endorsements from the local NV chapters of Culinary Union Workers and the SEIU. That's certainly good for the Senator, but I am scratching my head as to why these labor organizations did not back Edwards. Edwards, who has been running for president since '04, has been fine tuning his campaign to position himself as a champion of labor. Obama...I don't know what he'll do for labor, specifically. ...more

IA Youth Wrap-up and Hillary's Youth Troubles

Kristina reported right after the caucus, greeting us with the most exciting numbers - over 65,000 people under 30 caucused. It was with a tearful eye that I have read, in vindication, the hourly google news alerts that include the words "young voters" that are brought to my inbox. Sunday's San Francisco Chronical chimed in with enthusiasm ...more

Winner Tonight: Young People and New Media

Tonight we saw a huge win for democrats. And it came in the form of enormous turnout for non-establishment candidates. According to numbers from CIRCLE (pdf) ...more

Candidates Gone Wild at Iowa Caucus

Tuesday we encountered the full Iowa Caucus experience. ...more