President Obama: Gay Marriage Should Be Legal

Saying, "It is important for me to go ahead and affirm that I think same-sex couples should be able to get married," President Barack Obama declared his support for legalizing same-sex marriage, the first time he has gone on record with this position. The announcement makes him the first sitting president to publicly support gay marriage....more
Some who might consider themselves to be another gender would include transgendered individuals, ...more

GOP PRIMARY | Romney the Great White House Hope

NOTE: During the night, former Senator Rick Santorum joined the ranks of lackluster support for presumptive Republican nominee former Gov. Mitt Romney sending out a midnight email titled "Governor Romney." The New York Times notes the blase endorsement.*****...more
Santorum was an extremist joke.  The whole problem the GOP is having, has had for the prior two ...more

It's Romney. And Maybe Rubio. With a Side of 'Women's Issues.'

No surprises here: Mitt Romney swept the GOP primaries in five states (Pennsylvania, Delaware, New York, Connecticut, and Rhode Island) tonight. Though he still doesn't have enough delegates to grab the nomination, Romney did manage to grab votes ranging from 56% to 67% in his favor....more
Oh Julie, thanks so much for an easy to read article on these candidates.  I heard rumor that if ...more

Moral Majority's Legacy Still Dogs the GOP Gender Gap

At a party Saturday night, a well-respected and long-time fellow Republican woman tossed out a few casual "the party left me, I didn't leave the party" remarks. Pausing for a sip, I took the chance to retort: "When did that change? I remember the days of the GOP being branded as supporting working women and reproductive rights. Think back to Bush Sr. having the nickname 'rubbers.' "...more
Lorrie, I implore you to learn what the word "Socialist" means and to use extreme caution when ...more

Build Your Perfect President

The 2012 election will be the first election where I have been a fully formed adult - relatively speaking - during the incumbents' presidency thus giving me the ability to really think of what we have now versus what we could be in the future. In 2004 during Bush v. Kerry, it was Kerry who employed me and kept me clothed in Banana Republic for six months so when it came time to cast my (absentee) ballot I chose Kerry even though I felt no real connection to him or his policies. Do I regret that now? No. ...more

President Obama's Decision Fear-Based, Disappointing

@Graylin Whitts Are there similar barriers in place for men and boys? Do we keep condoms locked ...more

Hail to the Chief (Blogger): Barack Obama is Now on Tumblr

Guess who is now blogging on Tumblr? I’ll give you a hint: POTUS. (President of the United States, for those not wise to the acronym.) Welcome, President Obama. Incorporating yet another form of social media into the Presidential campaign? Smart public relations. And, the President is inviting the public to contribute to the blog!...more

Watching President Barack Obama on Twitter at The White House

"In order to reduce the deficit, what costs would you cut, and what ... would you keep?" and with that President Barack Obama kicked off the first ever White House Twitter Townhall, sending his first tweet before fielding 18 questions from Twitter users....more
I was hoping to find out what the President would cut....more

Apollo Theater: 125th Street by Frederick Douglass Blvd

Today's post from my blog: ...more

Breaking News & My Mixed Feelings

I had a blog post all set to write. It was probably going to be something tongue-in-cheek and silly. I actually even sat down to begin writing it when the news erupted all over the TV, cyberspace and my phone. Osama bin Laden: Dead. Woah....more