You Don't Have to Play Sports with Boys (or Barack) to Get Noticed!

Sports and men go hand in glove. And President Barack Obama’s administration has recently taken hits on all-male pickup basketball games and golf outings. The lack of women involved equates a jock-ocracy that some women can’t penetrate. But women don't have to play to get noticed....more

Nancy Lieberman Challenges Barack Obama to a Basketball Game

Lately there has been a lot of talk about the White House being a big old boys club. Sure, we know that about half of the Obama staff is made up of women so why all the fuss? Oddly, a lot of it has to do with sports. ...more


I don't see a reason why we couldn't have a mixed male/female team. :)

I ...more

New Jersey's Topsy-Turvy Race for Governor

For a lot of national political operatives, the New Jersey governor's race, which wraps up next Tuesday, is a high-stakes game of poker, a test of Pres. Barack Obama's coattails, and a possible foreshadowing of the 2010 Congressional campaigns. For this New Jersey voter, and, I suspect, many others, it's a welcome end to a largely uninspiring partisan snipefest....more

Although I've heard a fair bit of analysis about this race, yours is the most thorough and in ...more

An Appeal for a Real and Comprehensive Approach to Health Care Reform

While the US may be moving one step closer to health care reform with the passage of the Baucus Bill by the Senate Finance Committee, it is clear that a very important element in the health care discussion is being overlooked. What is making Americans so sick? ...more

Obama Administration Support for PATRIOT ACT Renewal Worries Civil Libertarians

Last week, the US Senate Judiciary Committee approved a bill reauthorizing controversial provisions of the USA PATRIOT Act that, according to civil libertarians, unnecessarily compromise American citizens' privacy rights. What's worse, the legislation reportedly has the support of the Obama administration, despite the fact that its most troubling provisions were opposed by then-Sen. Obama in 2005. ...more

My senators and asking what they're doing about it.

Thanks for the heads ...more

On President Obama's Nobel

by Farai Chideya ...more

What Not To Wear This Fall - Hitler's Moustache Is Passe

elizabeth:  I was having a really nice lunch with an old friend the other day. We talked for hours and then decided to take a walk around the town. We had been roommates here years ago and we were the young hippie girls with long flowing hair and skirts who believed in the goodness of people and that anything was possible. All we needed was love.  We came upon a man standing outside the town hall. He had a table set up with papers and posters.  I couldn’t make up what they were about until we got closer. And then I lost my mind....more

The 2016 Olympic Bid: Something Rotten in Denmark

Not that I'm allowed to say anything that could somehow harm "our" (by "our," I clearly mean "Chicago's Mayor Daley") chances of getting the Olympics, but really. I mean, really....more

American Princess-Your posts are charming...and interesting. What a marvelous writer you ...more

Conservative Thoughts on U.N. Opening Session

During the dog and pony show known as the opening session for the United Nation's 64th General Assembly, Holocaust-denier and illegitimate leader of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stopped talking about obliteration of the Jewish state long enough to ironically state "Human beings are all God's creatures and are all endowed with dignity and respect." Stephen Harper and B...more

...the liberal myth all during the Bush administration that if you're just smiley and ...more

How Much Reform Will There Be in President Obama's Health Plan?

Polls taken immediately after President Obama's health care speech to Congress indicate that many were pleased and excited about what he had to say about health reform. Congresswoman Maxine Waters thinks he hit it out of the park and rallied the Democrats. Surprisingly the online commentary isn't really showin ...more