Conservative Thoughts on U.N. Opening Session

During the dog and pony show known as the opening session for the United Nation's 64th General Assembly, Holocaust-denier and illegitimate leader of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stopped talking about obliteration of the Jewish state long enough to ironically state "Human beings are all God's creatures and are all endowed with dignity and respect." Stephen Harper and B...more

...the liberal myth all during the Bush administration that if you're just smiley and ...more

How Much Reform Will There Be in President Obama's Health Plan?

Polls taken immediately after President Obama's health care speech to Congress indicate that many were pleased and excited about what he had to say about health reform. Congresswoman Maxine Waters thinks he hit it out of the park and rallied the Democrats. Surprisingly the online commentary isn't really showin ...more

Conservatives Respond to the President's Congressional Address on Healthcare

Conservatives listened intently to the president's congressional address yesterday evening, including me; I watched it with a friend and live-blogged the event while a local news crew affixed a mic to my shirt and videotaped me in the event that my head exploded. I began compiling a round of of what some of my favorite female conservative bloggers had to say in response to the presidential address; most all shared similar concerns.  ...more

...and Al Gore won a Nobel Prize too. AHAHAHAHAHA. Everyone considers the St. Petersburg ...more

Obama speech reaction round-up

Today K-12 students in many school districts across the country had the opportunity to listen to an address by President Obama. ...more

Many on the web have complained that more

Getting a Hall Pass on President Obama's September 8th Address

Thursday I worked with a group of grassroots activists to launch, the alternative to the Department of Education's decision to bypass each state's, each school district's educational hierarchy to deliver the president's September 8th address. I announced it on national television Thursday morning.  ...more

Dana, I didn't see you 'engage' many of the people here who DID have relevant ...more

What are Conservatives Really Afraid of When the President Talks to Schoolchildren?

Yesterday, I wrote a post at my blog that was something of a rant about the right wing's campaign to keep kids home from school on September 8 when the President is scheduled to broadcast a web event to talk with them the importance of education, working hard and staying in school. ...more

I've noticed the short fuse too. Sad and scary.


Healthcare: This Uninsured American is Listening!

I’m ashamed to admit it but I haven’t really been paying that much attention to these town hall meetings where they’re supposedly discussing healthcare issues. But I am now. Why? Because I don’t have health insurance. I just pray a lot.   ...more

Health Reform -- You Say ToMAYto, I Say ToMAHto

Things always get a little heated in the nation's capital this time of year. July and August along the Potomac tend to be humid and steamy and that makes it hard for anyone to compromise and negotiate in a bipartisan way. Not to mention that it's awfully difficult to find happy people when they're all having bad hair days! ...more

she (he?) believes in those advances for those who can afford it.  more

"Don't Ask Don't Tell" Policy Moving Toward a Congressional Vote

Separate initiatives by the House and Senate make it likely that the 16-year-old policy of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" which bars homosexual people from serving openly in the US Armed Forces, will come to a vote sometime this fall. The policy, first imposed by Pres. Clinton and Congress in 1993, allows gays and lesbians to serve as long as they remain closeted. Since its imposition, more than 13,000 service people have been separated from the service because of their sexual orientation, and the policy has come under increasing fire, even from high-ranking retired military leaders and former Pres. Clinton himself. ...more

Not only is this a wonderful article, but I just wanted to give a shout out to Kim Pearson who ...more

How will we pay for health care reform?

Pres. Obama has been on an aggressive campaign to prod Congress into passing a health-care reform bill this year, even as politicians on both sides of the aisle publicly fret about the costs of proposals that have been advanced to date. However, at a roundtable discussion  Monday at the Children's National Medical Center, Obama focused on the cost of inaction: ...more

Absolutely. I don't necessarily believe we'll save money with a single payer plan, but I do ...more