BlogHer's 2010 Election Watch List: Races and Issues

Following all of our political coverage up to Election Day, the BlogHer political team has put together a watch list of races featuring women candidates and unique initiatives in a variety of states. We'll be covering each of the races on the Watch List all day Tuesday as results come in, and Wednesday as we get final poll numbers and write-ups from community bloggers. ...more

I'll second that! I believe conservatives want to show that women are dumb, belong back home and ...more

Election 2010: Senate Races We're Watching

From our BlogHer 2010 Election Watch List, you'll see we've been watching several tight races for U.S. Senate involving women candidates, including California, where we have two impressive women candidates running opposite each other. This post will include updates on some of the hottest Senate races that we're watching as results come in on Election Day. ...more

Election 2010: California Senate (Barbara Boxer vs. Carly Fiorina)

This post will contain live coverage of election results and reporting as we find out who wins the California race for U.S. Senate - between veteran Democratic incumbent Barbara Boxer and former HP CEO, Republican Carly Fiorina. ...more

Boxer vs. Fiorina: 10 Questions & Video Answers

BlogHer has partnered with 10Questions, a project of the Personal Democracy Forum, to bring citizens' questions to political candidates. Here, we put the spotlight on some of the answers by California Senatorial candidates Barbara Boxer (Democrat) and Carly Fiorina (Republican). Question: Net Neutrality ...more

Politics: The Hottest Midterm Election Races of 2010

Congress is the talk of the town with the election only two months away. The big topics: the economy, balance of power, and women candidates. A few governors' seats are also up for grabs with strong women contenders. We wanted to highlight some of these hot races -- particularly the ones with women candidates from both major parties. ...more

What I like about Tarryl Clark is that she's a listener. I met her at Netroots Nation and she ...more

Election 2010: What's at Stake for Obama and Women Candidates This November

Election years without a presidential race often come with lower voter turnouts and less public interest, but these mid-term elections can be big indicators of social shifts, and they can change the balance of power in Washington dramatically. ...more

You mentioned how President Obama went after John Boehner for being against infrastructure. ...more

Carly Fiorina Answers BlogHer's Questions

Tuesday, I had the opportunity to talk with Carly Fiorina, candidate for U.S. Senate from California and former CEO of Hewlett-Packard. We had twenty minutes for questions from the BlogHer community, and the conversation covered a wide range of topics including leadership, the economy, immigration, women's rights, political advertising (remember Demon Sheep?), and Sarah Palin. ...more

Questions for Carly Fiorina? Go Ahead and Ask

Carly Fiorina stirred up a flurry of controversy, first as CEO of HP, and now as the Republican candidate running to unseat Barbara Boxer, the U.S. Senator from California. We're pleased to announce our interview with Ms. Fiorina this Tuesday on behalf of the BlogHer community. So that begs the question: what should we ask? ...more
Stop Lobbyist and ear marks The government is by the people , not Corporations A bill should ...more

Barbara Boxer, Carly Fiorina, Sarah Palin: Is It Fair to Go for the Looks in Politics?

There's been a rash of cattiness going around. I'm not talking about what I've said lately about Lindsey Lohan (for example, do prison jumpsuits have leggings?), I'm talking about the recent treatment of female conservative political leaders. Lately, it's gotten personal, because people are starting to connect people's looks to people's ability to govern effectively. It is, quite honestly, a bi-partisan thing. ...more

To which add one more, as a sitting elected official myself: there's no question that I want ...more

Carly Fiorina's Bad Hair Day

Carly Fiorina is having a bad hair day. Not because her hair looks bad, but because nobody likes her catty remarks about Barbara Boxer’s coif.  Carly, a wannabe senator, didn’t realize her mike was on when she spoke about her passion for hamburgers, then switched topics to focus on her Democratic opponent. “God, what is that hair? Sooooooo yesterday.”   ...more