From The View to Slutwalk: Dust-ups Over the N-word

When discussing the recent media reports about the name of Republican US presidential candidate Governor Rick Perry’s family’s hunting camp, an argument ensued when Barbara Walters used the word “Nigger” when referring to the name....more
Wow! I so agree with you. "No one" should use such a foul word. I think it is wholly ...more

(VIDEO) Oprah Talks to Barbara Walters on Friendship, Rumors, Stedman

The rumors are true. Well, one rumor. Everyone cries when they are interviewed by Barbara Walters. Or, at least Oprah did even though she said she really didn't want to do so. In the interview set to air tonight, Oprah let down her guard and talked about herself and her relationships, something we don't always get to hear about as she's usually doing the interviewing. ...more

In addition to finding Oprah's comments about her best friend so touching I was pleased to hear ...more

Obama on The View: From The Hard-Hitting Questions to Snookie

Barack Obama became the first sitting president to appear on a daytime talk show today when the pre-recorded interview with the ladies from The View aired. He has been on the show two previous times, but they were before he was elected. To make the interview more interesting, Barbara Walters came back for the first time since she had heart valve surgery earlier this year. She wasn’t the only one with hard-hitting questions, making the interview quite interesting. ...more

why were they so surprised when he didn't know who Snooki. The President has more important ...more

Men Moderating The View for the First Time in 13 Years: Does Barbara Walters Know About This?

For a 13-year-old show, The View is all over the news this month. Star Jones, who left the show in a whirlwind of drama a few years ago, is reporting that she's writing a dishy novel that skewers female talk show hosts. Then the show caught press this week when ABC pulled The View's advertisements from Perez Hilton's website after he published a link to a controversial photo of Miley Cyrus with her skirt in the wind. Now The View is stirring up more buzz, by breaking open their brand in a bizarre way: the formerly female-led panel is manning up to broadcast the dude point of view. ...more

I think sometimes on some issues the male view comes in handy, but I'd prefer them to bring them ...more

Star Jones On Oprah: Trying To Revive A Career

Every time I've seen Star Jones since she left "The View," I've thought of how badly she handled the whole weight loss/wedding/leaving "The View" drama.  She's a textbook case on how a public figure should not handle such public events in her life.  Last week Oprah Winfrey did a show about celebrities and weight loss which included Star.   In the interview, Star finally admitted her dramatic 160 pound weight loss while she was on "The View" was due to gastric bypass surgery.  She also said the reason she didn't say so at the time was because she was too emotionally fragile and ashamed to talk about it. var iamInit = function() {try{initIamServingHandler(234,351,817865,"")}catch(ex){}}() ...more

As I said in the post, I totally understand what it's like to feel scrutiny and shame because ...more

On Auditioning: Barbara Walters - The Ultimate Single Woman

I was never a big Barbara Walters fan. Sure, I've watched a number of her pre-Oscar interviews and have tuned in over the years as she interviewed various world leaders. But she always struck me as kind of a lightweight. Imagine my surprise then as I found myself riveted to the TV when I accidentally came across Tim Russert interviewing Barbara Walters about her new memoir, "Audition." ...more

Say It Ain't So Baba WaWa

Until Friday I had never repeated something I had heard about Barbara Walters nearly 34 years ago. I told my daughter Berit. It must have been the rhythm of the highway. At the moment of disclosure I was behind the wheel of my car, six hours out of Minneapolis on the way to Chicago not knowing that I still had another 4 hours in the car --thank you road construction. ...more

When I was 15 I read Madam Bovary. It had  profound effect on me and for years if anyone ...more

white priviledge strikes again! much obliged baba wawa!

It will never cease to amaze me just how much white folks take their white privilege for granted; and Barbara Waters's "come clean" announcement on Oprah is just one more example of this. ...more

Sherri Shepherd Needs A Historian On The Payroll

Cross Posted At Megan's Minute. If you've followed my postsabout "The View," like when Sherri Shepherd made it sound like she thought the earth was flat, you might want to check out this post at Why Black Women Are Angry. It's about Sherri's most recent case of foot in mouth disease. The comments happened a couple of days ago during a discussion of happiness by the Gabby Girls and Sherri once again showed why she needs to hire someone to feed her history notes before every Hot Topic segment. I know she's new to this stuff, but Girlfriend needs to get it together. Watch the video clips in the post, then let me know what you think. ...more