Top 10 places to visit in Barcelona

If you are a family, a student or a couple wondering what to see in Barcelona, you’re at the right place. We are going to provide you with a small guide so you can mark a route of monuments, places to visit, activities ...Or did you think that you were going to run out of things to do in the city?...more

A Fond Foodie Memory in Barcelona

As a Peace Corps Volunteer in Ghana, one of the food items I craved the most was cheese. Laughing Cow is only an acceptable substitute for so long. The drink item I missed the most was red wine that didn’t come from a box. So you can imagine how a trip to Spain during my service was the best possible place for me to go....more

Park Guell

If omnipotent child-gods wanted to make themselves a playground, they would probably have created Park Guell. Half fantasy garden, half gigantic sand castle, Park Guell is the ultimate design daydream, a place without limits, without scale, without guile, without inhibitions. ...more

Creativity at its best!

 Earring Umbrella |Spain| Photo by Gale...more

Explore regional foods with the kids: Paella in Spain

Our son fell in love with Paella while in Barcelona!!!! He loves seafood and rice- so this was a dish come true for him. What exactly is Paella?Please read the entire post at

Cruising the Mediterranean: Beautiful Barcelona

Bleary eyed after a twenty-hour journey from Los Angeles, we retrieved our suitcases from Barcelona airport’s carousel and aimed ourselves at the nearest cash machine to stock up on euros. Armed with travel tips gleaned from Rick Steves’ Mediterranean Cruise Ports, my hubby, our friend and I opted to haul our cruise wear onto a shuttle bus into the city, avoiding an expensive cab ride....more

Dreaming of Barcelona

Oooooh Barcelona. What can I say about this beautiful city? Amazing food, picturesque alleyways, great shopping, stunning architecture. The smell of jamon lingers about. Have you ever had jamon? Real jamon? I’m going to answer that question for you… no. Picture this: an old man slowly slices a piece of paper thin jamon off of a leg with a knife so big it looks like a machete. They slice it so thin you can see through it. It’s shiny and salty and so pork-like you’ll lose your mind. I ate so much jamon I though I was going to turn into a pig....more

La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona Spain

 Here is our Blog all about La Sagrada Familia, in Barcelona SpainHow to get to it, skip the line and get your tickets ahead of time wihtout breaking the Bank!Enjoy  our Blog!Stacey :)    ...more

Everything you need to know to Visit Barcelona!

08-02-2012 Hello all my friends how are you doing on this hot summer day?   Thank you all for reading! I am so excited that we have only had our Facebook page up for a few days and we already have 150 Likes!! Whooop Whoop!  Well I have to tell you that my Travel like a local website  is a true labor of nothing but LUV!!...more

Last Day in Europe: Barcelona

On disembarkation day, we checked into the Pullman in Barcelona, dealt with Michael's lost bag (it was found) and just hung out in the hotel room until dinner.  So on Saturday, we were both antsy to get out and explore the city. ...more
Loved the photos and the reminders of the beautiful city.  Can't wait to meet you in person, as ...more