A visit to The Hamptons, darling!

Who doesn't love Ina Garten, aka The Barefoot Contessa of Food Network Fame? She is a true Hamptons lady, with enough card parties and fruit platters to prove it. So it's okay if I poke a little fun at her right? Just remember folks, I'm not laughing at her...but rather with her (and hopefully all the way to the bank, heh). Without further adieu, here is my pilot episode of 'Mock Food Network Mystery Basket Challenge' featuring that classy and wonderful Hamptons lady! Enjoy darling......more

Easy Sticky Buns


chicken with forty cloves of garlic

This is one of the meals that I've been wanting to cook for *who knows* how long. I first saw the recipe from the Barefoot Contessa, but over time I've seen different versions pretty much everywhere. All I really have to say is, if the idea of 40 cloves of garlic scares you...Don't let it....more

Food Network Changes

I’m not so fond of Food Network’s new direction.  The other day I sat down to watch a cake decorating show, but this one turned into a show about engineering. Could the bakers/designers duplicate (in cake) a favorite car?   On the next show, they built a replica of a DJ’s sound board.     I like the cooking process so much that I’ll watch enthralled while someone makes a sandwich, but I don’t want to watch cooks building structures out of food. ...more

Good question - I wonder that myself.  Food Network website does a good job of keeping ...more