Why We Enjoy Free Family Events in our Hometown

Last weekend, I shared a couple of free events we participated in our hometown. While I enjoy reading posts from my favorite coupon/freebie blogs, likeFreebies4Mom and Common Sense with Money, that offer plenty information about free events, I’d like to share more photos of other free activities to do with little ones....more

How the bookstore stole literacy!

Now available at the Barnes & Noble near you is a threat to the very gift of literacy that Dr. Seuss tried to instill in American children. For if a man attempts to browse the children's literature selection without a child in tow, he is subject to being kicked out of the store. Yes, you read that right. Kicked out of a book store. Never mind that he might want to buy a book for his grandchild. ...more


A WORLD WITOUT BORDERSby Tracey Jackson As many know the second largest book chain in the country shuttered their last 399 stores this month. Obviously much has been written about the rapidly changing topography of the world of books and publishing, and while many in the know speculate what the future holds, I feel few actually do....more

AROMA CUCINA: We Have a Winner!

AROMA CUCINA:  We Have a Winner! Well, actually we have not one, but 2 winners: Kjerome & Nella22!  BRAVI!! We loved both of their creative comments of why they deserved to win this motherlode of Gustiamo goodies, and we couldn't decide which of the 2 deserved to win. SO, being the DECIDERS that we are (ahem)...and we're tough (ahem)...we decided they BOTH won! ...more

Borders Books and Music Declaring Bankruptcy Affects More than the Store

On Wednesday morning, Borders Group, the bookstore chain founded in Ann Arbor Michigan in 1971, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. It claimed more than $1 billion in debt and announced they would close 30% of its more than 600 stores....more

Hopefully more libraries will be able to host authors. Maybe schools can see ways to do this as ...more

"And Emily Gould Says..."

Recently I changed my blogging outlet and went anonymous. I needed to toy with unveiling more intimate thoughts and experiences in the blogosphere. I did, and that outlet is rewarding both emotionally and in my candid interaction with other bloggies. Anonymity dissolves the fear of personal disclosure. It’s this reason that I admire memoirists who can so openly divulge not just their actions but their heart’s desires. Emily Gould is one such author....more

The Compass Rose: Saving Father Christmas from Kris Kindle

by Ainslie Jones Uhl...more

Geeky Mom: Will the Nook be a Kindle killer?

A few days ago I wrote a post all about e-books....more

By that same standard they shouldn't like libraries stocking physical copies of the books ...more


Although I rarely like to shop, I am always in the mood for a good sale. There are two clear exceptions - Target and Barnes & Noble. I call Target the $100 store. Try as I might, I do not walk out of there under $100. I used to call it the $50 store but I'm obviously an over-achiever. Barnes & Noble is my other exception. I will pay for a good book or for a good author. I love to read and don't skimp - I know that the people that write books put in a huge amount of time and effort. ...more

Little Things

JANUARY 06, 2009 ...more