the power of three

text from Freddie on Thursday, September 7 2016: um I just bought tickets to the astros next wednesday. they were $8 a piece.   ^^^ this my friends is the beginning of the story of how we ended up going to three Astros games in less than a week....more

Birthday Shuffle V - Day 17 - Sweet Caroline

 I LOVE Neil Diamond... His music has been a part of my life since high school.I have a lot of his music on my iPod,and today this song came...more

A Note from the Baseball Bleachers from Your Mom

Hey #6. Watching you from the bleachers, you look like a big kid smacking on Big League Chew wearing your uniform that includes a belt. You never wear a belt. Your face is mostly serious, concentrating on the next play, what you'll do if the ball makes it to you. Then you run and jump, just messing around, and you look like a nine-year-old boy again. ...more

The Decline of Baseball - And Why It Matters

Years ago I read the book A Reasonable Life: Toward a Simpler, Secure, More Sane Existence by Ference Matte.  In this book, Matte laments the loss of simple pleasures, among them baseball.  He compares the joys of a Sunday afternoon pick-up game to the intense, high stakes sport that kids play today....more

Have the Courage To Be Vulnerable

Given the focus of my work, especially in the past five years since the release of my book Be Yourself, Everyone Else Is Already Taken, which is all about authenticity and vulnerability, I’m constantly in situations where I’m talking about, encouraging, and seeing the positive impact of vulnerability....more

My Dad Missed My First Homerun

It’s November – Nanowrimo month and now NaBloPoMo. Without a doubt, it is the best time to start a new blog with a new goal....more

Three HOT Sport Reads - Strahan, Eagles and Youth Ball

Yahoo!Beauty  Michael Strahan Talks Football and Facemasks...more

Labor Day Fun...

Our long Labor Day weekend spent with our favorite Arizona peeps in Scottsdale was nothing less than a blast! It went by in a flash... We hiked, soaked up the sun, ate some great food, had a lot of laughs and just enjoyed spending time together again. Oh, Mark & Jack played a little Diamondbacks baseball too. Click here to see his hit which was the only run driven in for his team (the white team-how appropriate right?) I rocked my white denim for one last time and it was the perfect way to end summer......more

The Quality At Bat

I have loved baseball every day of my life since 2011. Yes, that’s me on the bandwagon. You may scoff, I deserve it....more