Personal victories

“Who wants to help me write my talk?” I asked the boys....more

Cup Shopping: What Do You Mean, "How Big Is He?"

Similar to the school supply list we moms are allotted at the beginning of every school year, baseball coaches should hand out a “baseball supply list” at the start of each season. How is a mom who chose pom poms over a legitimate sport supposed to know that little boys need crotch protection out in the field? I know what a “cup” is from the days my dad would casually keep his out in the open after a game (his team’s name was the Bushwackers by the way, but that’s another story), so I know the purpose of a “cup,” but I just assumed it was for an older man … perhaps one with more substance....more
Yes, for cricket but now he plays baseball and not cricket he uses it for that. We call it a box ...more

The Greatest Game Ever Played, But You Missed It

You realized you missed the greatest game, do you change your ways?I love sports. I may not know all the players or live by the stats, but I can tell you that I love my teams. Last night, my favorite baseball team, the Angels, were down 3 to 5 at the bottom of the 8th inning. I turned the game off....more

Packing it all in...

This week, my son played what could be his final baseball game. Certainly, he played his final game of high school, and (I'm fairly certain) graduation is soon to follow. The end of life as he knows it is near. Actually, the end of life as I know it is near too....more
Guess what? This feeling you have - it never completely goes away. Our youngest daughter just ...more

Real Men, Real Dads

I’m certainly nowhere close to being considered a feminazi.  I would never burn my bra.  I like a man to open a door for me and pay for dinner.  I believe in the special importance of being a stay at home mom.  I like men to be men- somewhat rough around the edges, willing to get dirty and sweaty, confident and somewhat just stereotypically masculine.  I don’t buy into the belief that men should be more like a girlfriend.  They aren’t wired like us.  They don’t want to discuss a problem and pick every last detail apart.  They like solutions.  The...more

Boomer to Mets Player: Real Men Don't Miss Baseball Games for the Birth of their Babies!

I've heard a lot of stupid things in my day, but Boomer Esiason stating that Daniel Murphy, an infielder for the New York Mets, was wrong for taking paternity leave for the birth of his child seems to take the cake. He went so far as to suggest that Murphy's wife should have scheduled a c-section so Murphy wouldn't have to miss the first two games of the year. No, really. I can't even. I can't—but these memes sure can....more
Daniel Murphy is a true champion for letting his wife and child have the spotlight and focus of ...more

Did You Miss It?

This is it. This is the day that fans look forward to all those long months of snow and winter. The days that are filled will trade news, rumors, and contracts. The days where you count, endlessly, how much longer that you have to wait.Only one team officially starts tonight. The rest of the 30 clubs start tomorrow. Teams of 40 men take to the field tomorrow, with the roar of the crowd behind them. 40 men, all chasing the same dream....more

Red Sox On Wrong Side of 30

GIve David Ortiz the Contract He Wants!!