It's Baseball Season and Cheeseburger is Back!

We've survived our first week of baseball season.  There's been tears, frustration, excitement and about every other emotion in between.  We've braved 40 mph winds, rain and winter-like temps.  And I've become a Martha Stewart in the laundry room, perfecting the art of removing grass stains from white pants.  All have been memories in the making!...more

Changing the Ending

Fantasy is when you dream of returning to the empty lot where you hit a home run and ran to the car mat to the half-finished knitted scarf to the empty cereal boxes held down by rocks and finally rounded third and slid and touched the corrugated cardboard box flattened in the shape of home plate. It moved and you were tagged out. Fantasy is when you return and the base stays put and you score the winning run. Poetic Asides prompt ...more

Life Lessons on Opening Day - Play Ball, Girls!

Every opening day, I remember this one big lesson from life.One day in 3rd grade, we got word that the next day the boys would be able to bring in their transistor radios.  What?!  Boys?  Could bring in their radios?!  ...more
#patriarchy, gah!    more

Whether or Not it's Worth ....

Anticipation. Every spring I look forward to the start of the baseball season—perhaps this year we'll have an exciting team, win it all.Here it is March and our weather is spectacular—high 70s and in some places 80 degrees. The heat just hastens the allure of baseball. Growing up I lived several subway stops away from Yankee Stadium and on the few occasions that I went with my father we sat in the bleachers, "Affordable seats," he'd say....more

Take Me Out To The Ballgame

I love baseball. Currently, this would seem obvious – as a Gamecock fan, it’s easy to proclaim the awesomeness of baseball while riding the wave of back to back National Championships. (We closed down Rosenblatt, in case you hadn’t heard) And, as usual per this woefully neglected blog, I am only referring to college baseball – the pro’s may as well not even exist in my little world....more
We're lucky that the minor league stadium here sits right next to the harbor and the sea breeze ...more

Play Ball

Birthplace of the American League

On Saturday, after visiting the Milwaukee Art Museum to see the Impressionism exhibit, we went out for pizza. Originally we were going to this place called Brick Pizza, but it turned out to be a pizza by the slice joint. No thank you.So we kept on walking down Old World 3rd St.We crossed State St. and the building where my husband works.On the other side of the building is this HUGE parking lot that is fenced in with a gate.Me: Who gets to park there?Him: Not me....more

Major League Baseball Gets it Right. And Wrong

The Wrong:As part of Major League Baseball’s new collective bargaining agreement, each league will now have a second wild card team competing in post-season play. These two wild card teams will play each other in a one-game playoff with the winner advancing toward the League Championship series against the three division champions....more

Zeus Has It Out for the Red Sox

In Greek poetry, the House of Atreus might be more aptly names the House of Pain.  The family dynasty begins with Tantalus who attempts to demonstrate his superiority over the gods and over nature by baking up a casserole of little feta, eggplants and the secret ingredient, his son Pelops, and feeding it to the gods....more

The Natural: The Best Baseball Movie as well as a revisitation of Augustine's Confessions

I know that if I want to write about a baseball movie right now, I should be writing about Money Ball and maybe I will, after I've seen....more