That Competitive Spirit

   Trust me when I say I'm about as competitive as they come. I would probably race you to the door just so I could be the first one there. But there is a time and a place for competition, and I've learned how to suppress my competitiveness---to an extent. I admit that I'm super excitable with my son's sports. But in my defense, who doesn't like winning!?!...more

What it Means to be a Baseball Fan

Growing up in Kansas City, home of Royals baseball, I was always a hometeam fan. I have lived in many cities across this country, and as my husband and I have moved around -- from Texas to Pennsylvania, North Carolina, California and back to Kansas -- we have adopted and cheered on many NFL teams, but never another baseball team. In baseball, I have only ever, ever been a Royals fan. ...more
I've been a NY Mets fan for as long as I can remember. I have all sorts of gear. The life of a ...more

Baseball Is a Game of Passion

Baseball is an emotional game. I learned that from my grandfather, a Cardinals fan. I like minor league ball. The best game I ever watched was a Triple A league. The players weren’t as polished as the big leaguers, but they had heart. Forget the plush corporate skyboxes and fancy scoreboards. I want baseball with emotion....more

And see some of that real baseball! ;p
I'm a Giants fan and your guys impressed me!

A ...more

Women Take Over Sports Desk

With baseball season officially starting this weekend women everywhere are bracing for a long season with their men lost to baseball. comes to the rescue with a "sports talk show" just for women.  It's being hailed as "Sex and The City Meets ESPN."  WhileTheMenWatch hosts Lena and Jules take over the sports desk with game commentary that women actually want to hear....more

On Anxiety, Baseball, Clutch and Nerves

One of the things that has bothered me about the "clutch" argument is the refusal to entertain the notion that it can exist. As stathead pros and novices alike know, there are people out there who will say so and so is clutch and players will earn reputations for being clutch but when you look at their numbers in high leverage situations, you find they just aren't "clutch" at all. The people who use the term "clutch" without examining the numbers aren't just casual fans who may have seen a guy hit a gamewinner twice to label that guy as "clutch," but include guys like Jeff Brantley and Marty Brennaman, who, like so many others, vehemently refuse to acknowledge that human knowledge progresses. ...more

High Schoolers Make Baseball History Throwing Like Girls

Like Marti Sementelli and Ghazaleh Sailors, my baseball career started around age five. However, my stint as a ball player ended around age five and a half, when I quickly figured out that my lack of hand-eye coordination along with my fear of a ball being thrown at me didn’t work well with the general idea of baseball. But Sementelli and Sailors, now 18 and 17 respectively, are stand-outs in the game because of more than just good hand-eye coordination. ...more

As the mom of a baseball playing girl I am so happy to come across this story! My girlie will ...more

Forget Valentine's Day -- I Heart Pitchers and Catchers Report Day Cake

Most people recognize Feb. 14, as Valentine's Day, but it's also the day Major League Baseball's pitchers and catchers begin reporting for Spring Training this year. I start the countdown to this day as soon as the last out is made in the World Series. ...more

Glad you enjoyed it!

Michelle ...more

Baseball Pitcher Gil Meche Turned Down $12 Million

Don't misunderstand me. I am not saying what Meche did was wrong. In fact, I think it is one of the most noble stories I have heard all year. I am just a little surprised. How many Americans would do something like this? I'd love to say I would, but let's not get crazy. I made less than $20,000 last year - I would probably keep $12 that I didn't earn. ...more

That's totally awesome. Glad to hear it.more

My First Dildo

I was quite the tomboy growing up – who am I kidding? My shoes vary between Crocs, Birkenstocks and Blunstones – I’m still a tomboy. This was partially due to the fact that Manolo Blahniks don’t exactly come in triple wide; but that’s OK because I have always preferred comfort first and foremost. I was an uber athelete – almost every sport came naturally to me, except for maybe running, but I even did that too. Some may have found it surprising, since I didn’t exactly have the body of your typical athlete, but there I was, kicking ass in everything I played....more

Yep, it totally ruined it for me ;)
It took me a year before I decided to bring out the biggie. ...more

You Know You're Married to a Baseball Coach When...

You can tell the difference between an 82 MPH fastball and an 86 MPH fastball.  No seriously, I can.  Once after a baseball game Joe asked me what I thought of the team.  I responded, "Honestly honey, I thought our guy didn't seem to be throwing very hard."  "Well, yeah." Joe replied.  "He was only throwing about 82-84.  You're used to seeing 86-88."  Seriously?  I surprised even myself on that one. ...more