Don’t Starve: Learn To Cook

I consider myself a fairly decent cook. I mean, I'm not getting super fancy on anything. But Joey and I are always fed and almost always happy with what I make. More importantly (in my opinion), I'm pretty capable at taking a bunch of random ingredients and throwing together an entree and a few side dishes on the fly....more
This was a great post! I pretty much burn water! This really gave me some helpful tips to liven ...more

The Search for Chicken Pot Pie Awesomeness

It is hopefully, one of the last really cool evenings that we will have. All Winter long, I have thought about making chicken pot pie. I really can't say why I have been feeling the need to make this particular dish, but I decided that I would go for it.  ...more

The Fearless Cook says....Nuts to Coconuts

If you follow food trends, you'll find that 2011 is the year of coconut water. It is the equivalent of nature's Gatorade. It has twice the amount of potassium than a banana providing energy replenishment and youthful benefits.  Madonna supposedly drank it during her recent concert tours. She is the queen of staying young as she ages. She invested 1.5 million dollars in a Brazilian coconut water company Vita Coco. What up with coconuts? Are they nuts or are we just cuckoo over them?...more