Three Mantras That Will Make or Break Your Career: Basics, People Skills and Personal Growth

There comes a time when you need to get an insight in to yourself. We are all baffled and find it harder to make choices. Do I really want to make it happen or procrastinate for the rest of my life? Is business going to be my career or simply take it up as a hobby?...more

Black Tank + Cage Sandals.

When it comes to my closet, I can never have enough black. Black t-shirts, black jeans, black trousers, black pumps, etc. Gimme, gimme, sign me up....more

Cooking of Rice: Basics from Indian Cuisine

Rice is one of the main staple foods in India. I have personally heard many say that a meal is not complete without rice. This grain gets disguised in many forms and ways. We even have our breakfast items done with rice, like the Idlis and Dosas. One cannot ignore the major part it plays in being the center of attraction. ...more

i grew up with rice as our staple food, but i am not familiar with different kinds of rice and ...more

Emergecny Preparedness Basics

Emergency Preparedness BasicsThe most essential items to have prepared in an emergency situation are:1. WARMTH & SHELTER: In extreme conditions, an individual will survive only around three hours without any protection from the elements. If you don’t have adequate shelter, you won’t have a chance to get thirsty or hungry before you start to suffer from hypothermia or extreme heat exposure.2. WATER & HYDRATION: Your body can only survive around three days without access to water in extreme conditions....more

Social Media Basics: Twitter Terms

This week I'm introducing you to some common Twitter terms. Twitter is pretty popular, but not everyone is well-versed in the lingo and it's a little daunting if you don't know your DM from your RT. As always, I welcome your additional Twitter terms and definitions in the comments on this post. I'll integrate them into the actual post....more

Like Vered "I don't get Twitter." I have a sleeping twitter account because I get lost in all ...more

obsessed: theory

(from 20something cupcakes)I'm obsessed with Theory for quite a few reasons. Like this one. ...more

HOW TO: Sprout Beans

AshaB I totally thought that sprouting things was  way more trouble than it was worth, but it’s actually super easy and way gratifying! It’s like having a jar full of new babies every three days, except these are edible babies. You need four things: 1. glass mason jar 2. stainless steel sprouting screen (which you can make at home or buy precut…if you make it just make sure you buy a screen that your beans can’t fall through) 3. dry beans to sprout (mung, lentil, adzuki) (I used a mixture) 4. water!...more

Shop smart - Ten casual wardrobe essentials

This fall, shopping is all about not breaking the bank -- after all, just paying the bills will cost more this year.  This is a good time to invest in basic pieces that you can mix and match and wear forever.  Choose pieces that will work together; stick primarily with neutrals but add a pop of color -- cool shoes or a bright bag.  Opt only for pieces that can be worn together; accessorize to change up your look.   ...more

Given that every retro era is in this fall from the 20s through to the 80s I bet we all have ...more

What to wear with a three-quarter sleeve blazer

I just bought a Halogen three-quarter sleeve blazer. Of course, I am cheap, and didn't buy anything to match. What should I wear this with? It looks good with my nice jeans and ok with my khakis. I am wondering about a skirt, or maybe black pants. It looks weird with all the skirts I own, and I currently don't own black pants. Nancy ...more

Would you like to be a contributor on The Fashionable Housewife blog? I've been reading your ...more

Plus-size basics

I am all about building a basic wardrobe; I really believe that when you have a core set of pieces that fit your body and work for your lifestyle, you can look great for any occasion. And while there are universal core pieces, plus-size women have specific needs for their basics wardrobe. Let's talk about the five things you MUST have in your plus-size closet. ...more

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