Strawberry Tart with Mascarpone Basil Cream

Jen Lesson of the Day: I love combining baked sweets with herbs and spices, aka I know how to get ma funk on. I used to work at a bakery in Brooklyn, called Ovenly, and I have such reverence for their products, which are often sweet-meet-savory, i.e. black olive cookies. While there is nothing wrong with foods that just fit the bill, it's always better if it can surprise you *in a good way*. We have our entire lives to settle, and sometimes, we lose sight of what it really means to live a little and push the boundaries....more

Skillet Basil Cream Chicken

so i know i've posted quite a few chicken recipes. but i love chicken. and this chicken is my new favorite. while looking for new recipes on pinterest, i found a this recipe and played around with it a bit. its a hard thing to attempt to beat my all-time favorite, sherry chicken, but this one comes very close. we loved it! pat actually said this is his favorite thing i've made so far. (maybe i'm just getting better with time...?) ...more

Baked Rigatoni with Mozzarella & Goat Cheese from Dianne's Dishes

Dianne from Dianne's Dishes first made this Baked Rigatoni with Mozzarella and Goat Cheese when her sister was recovering from a broken hip and needed some comfort, and this does sound like a perfect comfort food meal. But I also love the idea that this cheesy baked pasta doesn't need any meat to make it something with amazing flavor, and I bet this is a Meatless Monday dish the whole family will enjoy! ...more

Farro Risotto with Cannellini and Basil from FamilyStyle Food

One thing that's fun about eating less meat is the way it helps you discover delicious new foods that you might otherwise have missed. I remember how excited I was when I first tried farro, a type of whole grain wheat from Italy that's becoming more popular in the U.S.  Some types of farro need to be pre-soaked, but if you look in an Italian market you can find a type called "semi-perlato" that cooks quickly. When I saw this recipe for Farro Risotto with Cannellini and Basil on FamilyStyle Food, it sounded like a perfect Meatless Monday dish, and if you haven't had farro, I'm betting you'll like it. (Farro is not gluten-free but most recipes using it can be made with brown rice for a gluten-free version.) ...more

Sunday Pasta®: Capellini con Burro e Basilico (Butter and Basil)

As with professional cycling, when cooking capellini every second counts. Minutes can spell disaster. That’s why I’m a proud advocate of doping. No, not for cyclists (Lance), but for pasta chefs. My dopes of choice are espresso and wine. In order to properly mask the ingestion, one needs to drip slowly and carefully. Start in the morning when no one is around with a little pot of espresso....more

Light Tomato Basil Quiche from Kitchen Parade

Every year in early September my garden reminds me to take advantage of the last days of summer by producing huge amounts of tomatoes and basil, and this Light Tomato Basil Quiche from Kitchen Parade looks like a perfect recipe to take advantage to the last days of summer. Alanna has made this a little lighter than some quiche recipes by using low-fat mozzarella, evaporated skim milk, and just enough eggs to hold it together. Looks like a perfect Meatless Monday dinner to me! ...more

Pan Seared Salmon with Garlic Basil Oil

 Oh hey there!...more

Summer Tomato Salad

 Hey there!...more

Basil Almond Pesto

Is your pesto the best-o???It might be if you try this recipe!...more
This one is the really different pesto recipe. Thanks for sharingmore