Important things about bath bomb which everyone need to know

Bath bomb are very pretty and you will feel to take bath in swimming pool which place any dreamy painting. You can search everything related to bath bomb that how can use and store them easily. Here we discuss few important points about the bath bomb which you may need to knowExpire bath bomb...more

Make Your Own Shower Fizzies

I used to make bath bombs a lot, you know like the kind you can buy at Lush.  And I do take a lot of baths and they are great to give as gifts.  But in the summer I take more showers than baths in general because of the heat.  So it's nice to have something that can be a treat in the shower too.  Shower fizzies are almost identical to bath bombs except that you don't have to use oil (in fact using oil makes your shower floor a bit slippery, so it's really for the best)....more

Product reviews, Stuff I use everyday

There are so many reviews on products you have never seen before, and that is wonderful! But what about those products that are stocked on the shelves that you pass everyday. Have you ever picked up a lotion or a makeup or a shampoo and just wonder? I thought I would walk around my house and share a few things I love, or have waisted money on, and give a few reviews. ...more