Showering After a Stroke: Naked Hopping, Not As Exciting As It Sounds

I haven’t been inside my shower since November 2009. Today I sat outside the door and looked in. ...more

After an excruciating back injury I was pretty helpless for a few months. Even the little ...more

Feed Your Children in the Bath! Weird Shortcuts that Work.

This morning I fed my three children in the bath.  It sounds gross and I suppose it is.  They ate oatmeal and toast and I'd be lying if I said it went smoothly.  Rubber ducks got clotted with oatmeal, at least one piece of soggy toast had to be fished out when it was all over.  But for the most part, they got fed, and bathed.  At the same time!  And clean up?  Just let the water out.  ...more