I miss the snow

Yup.Don’t hate me because I do, but I do. I think back to when it was 9 below and I had to walk the girls and thought, spring will be coming. Spring. Spring got me smiling.The thought of summer didn’t....more

Swimsuits for Your Body Type

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Suit Yourself

This post will be addressing a topic that strikes fear into the hearts of  most women over 40.  Just thinking about it right now, is causing the sweat to pool across my hair line and heart to race.  It is another unGodly, heinous thing that cause midlife women undue stress and heartache.  It is:  THE BATHING SUIT. ...more

Beachin’ Good Time No Matter the Size of the Bod

Let me start this post with a caveat and that is, higher body weights, or weight beyond someone’s recommended BMI (Body Mass Index), is not a healthy state of being.  And, your next thought (and mine, if someone else had said this) is: YES (stated loud and sarcastically), we all know that.   According to the National Institute of Health:...more
 @isthisthemiddle I am smiling as I read!!  Hope you are smiling too because you have all of ...more

The Mom Suit

Did you get a "mom suit" to wear to the beach this summer? See what I mean:http://mommyhanginon.blogspot.com ...more

The Things I Do For My Kid

When I was a teenager, I would be at the pool every single day during the summer. Of course, I had a pretty nice body back then, before life hit me like a Peterbilt. And back then I was all about boys, so showing off my bathing suit, and what was in it, was sooo very important.  I stayed out of the deep end, because I absolutely MUST have one foot on the ground at all times(a sensory processing issue) so I don't freak completely out.    ...more

Top 3 Summer Beachwear Trends

I'd call myself a genuine trend-watcher. I don't necessarily partake in every latest fad, but I do enjoy observing them...however crazy they may be. (remember the Bindi trend that Gwen Stefani made famous?)Anywho, in honor of the start of summer (unofficially) I'm going to post the top 3 summer beachwear trends. Some of these can even apply to the guys as well! Although, I probably wouldn't recommend persuading your man to try #3...unless maybe you were in Rio or San Fran or something. Hee hee. ;)1. STRIPES! Oh, I do love stripes so much....more

Just Keep Swimming

There are five styles of swim suits for a woman my age:...more