Three simple ways to update your bathroom...

AROUND THE HOUSE...DIY MINI BATHROOM UPDATE After this past weekend I can happily say that our house does not have any more yucky muddy brown cabinets. The doors and trim still have that dreadful color on them, but their days are numbered as well. We gave our downstairs bathroom cabinets a little DIY makeover and wish we would have tackled this project sooner, especially considering what an easy transformation this has been....more

The Universal Truth of Motherhood


Oh Gas Station Bathroom Why Do You Haunt Me So?

Road trips generally mean open road driving, loud music, car snacks and fun destination but it’s all fun and games until your bladder decides that a pit stop must be made.  Let me first point out I have dirty bathroom phobia so keep that in mind as you go forth and read. ...more

When Remodeling a Bathroom, Remember the Details

I recently renovated my downstairs half bathroom (or, as some call it, my powder room). Though I’m thrilled with the final result, my renovation journey was not without its speed bumps. Google, Consumer Reports and Pinterest helped, but still didn't stop me from ignoring some important details—especially because so many products have to be ordered online, sight unseen. ...more
That was one of my first decisions: no moving the pipes or the electric. That way lies madness. :-)more

Will that be a Window or an Aisle Seat?

We’ve all been there.  You’ve made the decision to travel and fly to your destination.  Once that decision is made and your ticket is booked, next comes the second decision, choosing your seat.  If Business class is your style or covered by an expense account, this story is not as relevant since space isn’t as much an issue....more

Before/After on the CHEAP: Bathrooms

Next up on our fun before/after list is our three bathrooms – one half-bath on the first floor and two full bathrooms upstairs. Three bathrooms sounds like kind of a lot, but our townhouse had four full bathrooms so having one less to clean really rocks my world....more

5 Reasons Your Guests Think Your Bathroom Is Boring and Gross

If you’re like most people, you go into a panicked cleaning frenzy as soon as you know guests are coming over. However, don’t forget to tidy up the bathroom, too. You never know when one of your guests will need to use it. You don’t want a boring and gross bathroom making your guests cringe, or worse, so take a look at these five reasons your guests might be grossed out by your bathroom.The Soap Dispenser is Almost Empty ...more

A Mother's Sanctuary and a Few Moments Alone

I really did have to go. But then I was alone. And the door was locked. The fan drowned out the noise, and I had my iPhone in my pocket. The bathroom is only a few feet away from the wireless router, so the signal is really good in there. So I stayed a while. ...more
We take our little moments when we can! My husband and I realized we hardly ever got to just sit ...more

Day 18 - Going in Tile

Thought I would catch you up on the remodel... We've gone from this....  ...more

Bathroom Details: Cabinet Accessories

We all know about cabinet accessories for our kitchen cabinets, but have many of you thought about designing your bathroom vanities or cabinets to hold specific items and create organization?...more