The gender-neutral public bathroom

Here's the thing: I like my privacy in the bathroom....more

How To Buy Toilet Paper (Without Plastic)

Oh, the heavenly fluffy softness that is Charmin. I'll admit, it's my favorite TP by far. But now that I'm HYPER focused on trying to live plastic-free, I can no longer ignore the multi-4 packs that are wrapped in plastic and then bundled in more plastic wrap. I recently made the switch to recycled paper toilet tissue and, let's just say, it wasn't ultra soft or ultra strong. Bye-Bye Charmin Soft Fluffiness...Enter Tree Bark....more

How to Make DIY Toilet Fizzy Bombs

I’m always trying to find ways to keep my house clean and smelling good with minimal work. I’m not lazy by any means, but my unofficial motto in life is “work smarter, not harder.”...more
Just found this, and am going to give it a try. Thanks! Love the pretty display factor. :)more

Powder Room Makeover

I want to use this blog to also talk about our most recent purchase - a lake house in Wisconsin.  It had always been our dream to purchase an old home and completely renovate it.  I know many people want the "turn-key" ready house, but to me, that's boring.  I wanted something we could really leave our imprint on and add in our own personal touch.  Well, this house has proved to be nothing short of a place that we can make our own...and by that I mean, literally every square inch of the house needs work....more

Dear Husband

 Dear Husband, ...more

Turning Dated Laminate Countertop into Modern Concrete Countertop Without Ripping Out Old Countertop

The house we bought is in excellent condition, however it's quite dated.  Take these FABULOUS laminate counter tops, they're in pristine condition for being thirty years old...alas they are seven...more

Painting our Bathroom Vanity

Hi everyone! Hope everyone is looking forward to this weekend as much as me! It will be a packed weekend for me. I have two Christmas parties to go to which I am looking forward to. AND the best part is that I actually have this weekend off!! SO EXCITING i know. I have finally started working on our bathroom vanity. Picked up the paint today from Canadian Tire. I picked a dark grey colour to contrast the walls I painted light grey. I am really liking how it turned out. Take a look:...more

I Lost 7 Pounds Last Night!

...and you can, too, if you come over and give me a big, wet, sloppy kiss.I wasn't feeling too great last night, but I chalked it up to what I ate, and please don't judge me, I went no holds barred: bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit from McDonald's for breakfast, Fish sandwich from McDonald's for lunch, (I know, I know, twice in one day),  chips and dip, leftover chicken alfredo from the Macaroni Grille, a huge Reese's peanut butter cup, and a gigundous piece of chocolate chip pecan pie....more

Three simple ways to update your bathroom...

AROUND THE HOUSE...DIY MINI BATHROOM UPDATE After this past weekend I can happily say that our house does not have any more yucky muddy brown cabinets. The doors and trim still have that dreadful color on them, but their days are numbered as well. We gave our downstairs bathroom cabinets a little DIY makeover and wish we would have tackled this project sooner, especially considering what an easy transformation this has been....more