Bathroom Reading Month: Do You Read in The Bathroom?

When I went over to other people’s houses I was, and continue to be, fascinated by what reading material they keep in their bathrooms. Many like my family had the ubiquitous Reader’s Digest. Sometimes there were joke books, the precursors to the Uncle John’s Bathroom Readers, which at our friend’s place you have to skip the powder room and go to the full bathroom to read. Every now and then I’ll see a copy of the newspaper or maybe even a novel. Then, of course, are the people who don’t keep any reading material in their bathrooms. I’m sorry, I don’t understand them. ...more
I read on the hard, cold edge of the tub when I try to limit my reading BUT It does not work. I ...more

Where Do You BlackBerry?

On the toilet? Oh, come on, you know you do it. I was having this conversation with a lawyer friend of mine about his thoughts on this issue.  How when he's in a public Men's room, he can hear people click, click, clicking away on their handheld.  How he himself reads his BlackBerry on the toilet. I mean, how different is it really from reading anything else? The paper. Doing a crossword puzzle. A book. Circular. Magazine. Catalog. ...more