Back to our Roots

Hi, Blogher! I recently started a new blog documenting our current home renovation. We sold our nice, new house and took on a monster of a fixer upper. I'd love for you to follow along as we try to remodel our new (old) house and raise a toddler! :)

5 Bathroom Makeover Tips That Add Value to Your Home

It’s no secret that bathroom makeovers pay off in a big when it's time to put a home up for sale. Unfortunately not all changes you make to a bathroom return the same bang for the buck spent. It is important to focus on elements that are high-visibility and depending on the design changes made remodeling a bathroom can be a smart investment.The 2013 Cost vs. Value Report published in Remodeling magazine in January of this year claims that a mid-range bathroom remodel project can recoup up to a whopping 65 percent of the money you spent!...more

Do It Yourself - SWAP A TUB FOR A SHOWER - Or Not ...more

Bathroom - Closet - Remodel

Remember how nice the closet looked after I cleaned it out and reorganized.    ...more


You just have to come by for a visit and check out the mess that is beginning.  Pictures and lots of posts will abound as we...come on by....more

It's called construction

It's called construction.  It is one of the bathrooms we never remodeled when the whole house was done.  It is small but is a taste of when when we do the big add on of the master bath in a couple of months.  Woo wee.  ...more