Ideas of an Edgy Home Bathroom Renovation

Modern bathrooms are used for more than their counterparts the traditional ones. The modern designs are more than just a place to shower or relieve ones’ self. The evolution of design over time has led to people coming up with some edgy, unique and efficient designs for most things....more

5 Bathroom Makeover Tips That Add Value to Your Home

It’s no secret that bathroom makeovers pay off in a big when it's time to put a home up for sale. Unfortunately not all changes you make to a bathroom return the same bang for the buck spent. It is important to focus on elements that are high-visibility and depending on the design changes made remodeling a bathroom can be a smart investment.The 2013 Cost vs. Value Report published in Remodeling magazine in January of this year claims that a mid-range bathroom remodel project can recoup up to a whopping 65 percent of the money you spent!...more

Bathroom Renovation, It's DONE!

Last December, I called our contractor and spoke with him about what could be done with a 5′ by 9′ bathroom in a 50 year old house.  He’s an optimistic guy.  He spoke about things like marble wall surfaces, heated flooring, spa showers, jetted tubs.  I chuckled (okay, laughed out loud), and reminded him that I’ve had two children since the last time we worked together, and that hasn’t made me ANY less cheap....more
Thanks! We will definitely celebrating at my house tonight!more

Worst Case

This is the worst case of writers block I have ever experienced. My mind is drawing such a blank on anything to write here, I don't understand it. Maybe it is because the crap that has been going on in my life, I can't put it down in words. I guess I'll just update on a few things. It is what it is.   Daddy - Daddy is doing well, or as well as can be expected without a hip. He is still home and getting along fine except there has occured a small unbroken sore on his hipless leg. That has me very concerned because that is how the original thing started....more

Construction Update

The brick layer is almost done.  A little taller on that wall please.  The hot tub goes on the other side.  ...more

A Brick Wall

Thought I would show some of the room addition progress...what's this...uh oh, little Clayton has found the concrete.  Scared him to death when he sank... ...more


We have two openings here, one for a door and one for a huge glass block window (actually three but it is not in view). ...more

Down the Drain

Yesterday was a day of picking out sink fixtures, toilets and drains.  Are we having fun yet!  Hey, these things are not cheap, my goodness. ...more

Collateral Damage

As I was getting ready for the day to the usual tune of hammers and saws yesterday I noticed sounds a bit louder and the house shaking more.  They are in the process now of doing the demo on the old bathroom and this is the resulting collateral damage to my guest room wall.  The pictures had to immediately removed and the paint chips off the bed and some of my clothes as my "closet" has moved in there.  ...more


You just have to come by for a visit and check out the mess that is beginning.  Pictures and lots of posts will abound as we...come on by....more