Makeup to Fix up

I’m sorry that I’ve hadn’t given you an update last week but my mother was very sick and I had to stay with her. Let’s just say some older people don’t have internet access and I can’t trust all of those free wi fi that’s offered so bear with me.I made it home and saw the mess that was left for me. A stack of dishes, mail on the couch and every towel was dirty and the kids’ bedroom....more

Joy in Little Things: Throwing in the Towel

After the first use of the new towels, I was hesitant to claim a worthwhile investment. I just wasn’t sure that they did a good job. Why? Because I hadn’t rubbed my skin rough with old cotton fibers. I had run a smooth, soft, caressing towel over my skin and the water disappeared....more
New towels.  Let me just rest in that luxury for a second.  Next thing you know I'll be dreaming ...more