19 Ways to Avoid Draining Your Cell Phone Battery

I’m sure you have your own tricks to avoid a flat battery, but let me go a little bit deeper with 19 effective hints to avoid draining your cell phone battery. These tips will help your phone battery last longer so you can stretch and extend the time span between charges. ...more
I can't agree more your hints here. But i have a better suggestion to charge your phone twice ...more

Reasons Why the HTC Freestyle is Very Popular When it Comes to Social Networking

Smart phones like the HTC Freestyle and social networking go hand in hand for the simple reason that they allow you to obtain permanent connections to the internet wherever you go, which is great because it means that you can always stay in touch and up to date with friends and with whatever is happening in your social sphere. If you're always online with your phone, it's easy to be updated as long as your phone has enough battery and signal strength to stay online....more