Getting in on the Fitocracy

I recently discovered a new site that's in Beta testing and, interestingly enough, it's a social game where you get points for...getting fit!  Can you believe that?  It's called Fitocracy.  At the moment it's by invitation only and I have ten more invitations I can send.  So, if you'd like to join, just let me know in the comments.  ...more

Pooh-Poohers Not Welcome Here.

As I prepare for my evolution, I am forced to look over what has worked, and most important, what has not worked in the past. Having reflected, I KNOW that there are three solid rules that have held steady. Three solid pieces of advice I wish I had been given yeeeears ago. 1. Know where you are. For years I have watched the biggest loser....more

Intersection of Chubby and Obese

It’s no secret to those of you who are faithful readers that weight, food, and exercise have been issues lately. I’m not obese…yet. I would say I am flirting with “chunky” – but it’s about to get serious. ...more

Healthy Choices . . . for a Dollar?!

In tough economic times, I thought I had found yet another reason my repeated attempts at losing weight would be dashed: eating healthy costs too much.  I had already canceled my gym membership, rationalizing that the twice a week I was using it "wouldn't help anyway" and that if I did want to exercise, a nice long walk is free.  Then on a bright, blustery Saturday morning I DID motivate myself to go for a walk ...more

Through the Looking Glass

It's interesting how being fat has shaped my life. I practiced yoga today at the gym and the walls in the room that we practice in are covered in mirrors. As we were transitioning into warrior one I couldn't look at myself in the mirror. I'm hardly narcissistic by any means but sometimes you have to check yourself out in the mirror to make sure you're doing the poses correctly. I just can't stand to look at myself because I don't like what I see . I always avert my eyes, or pick a spot above the mirror to look at. ...more

Small Changes Equal Better Health

We're a little more than six weeks into the new year, and many people have already forgotten or dropped their resolutions.  It is a common thing.  We reach hard and fast, like the pace of the world we live in.  Extra time, energy, and money are in short supply for almost everybody.  But what if someone said you could keep some of those resolutions or make new ones that would improve your health with only one minute a day required of you?  Would you believe it? ...more

A Healthy Heart

I sat down to write about heart health while chomping on a chocolate chip cookie. It may seem like an asynchronous activity--butter consumption and heart health--but I think the two actually go hand-in-hand. Eating healthy is not about denying your heart everything it wants. It's about striking a balance as a family between nurturing both the physical attributes of the heart along with its very loud emotional side. ...more

Nice post.  I wholeheartedly agree!more

I Saw Myself Through His Eyes And That Made All The Difference

I feel like I need to provide some background before I dive into my post. Once, I was an athletic girl. I loved exercise, and activity, myself and my body. Despite a short battle with Bulima in HS, I learned to balance food and activity. Never in a million years did I imagine that I would one day be obese and struggling to get moving. More importantly, I never thought that I would hate looking at myself. But it happened. It happened and I have attempted to take control so many times and failed. But something happened today.  ...more

I have a spouse who has always seen my beauty but no matter how I try to stay positive, once I ...more

48 Days to a Better Me, I Accept the Challenge

Kelly McCausey from Momstalknetwork created a 48 day challenge for herself.  ...more