Today's gonna be a much more lighthearted day here. After all the emotions that yesterday's post brought up for me and some others, today should be filled with cuteness. A note about comments: I don't know why some of them just disappear when you hit "publish." I've looked and looked for an answer, and blogger is very unhelpful. If you've managed to solve this on your blog, let me know how....more

The Bay Area Conscious Capitalism Chapter Kicks Off With An Exciting Panel Discussion

As Einstein noted, “No problem has been solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”  Accordingly, “conscious capitalism” is about building better businesses that are integrated and aware of their cultures, supply chains and ripple effects of their actions in the world.  With carbon waste passing 400 ppm, global warming and other social issues becoming increasingl...more

Purpose and Profit: Uneasy Bedfellows or a Compatible Alliance?

Purpose and Profit: Uneasy Bedfellows or a Compatible Alliance?Join us for the first ever Conscious Capitalism Bay Area Chapter panel discussion around Purpose and Profit on Tuesday June 25, 2013 at 5:30 – 8:00 pm.Book now » Bay Area CEOs Brian Burt of Maestro Conference, Monika Rose of Formium, John Roulac of Nutiva and Vince Siciliano of New Resource Bank will discuss:...more

Buying Homes: For the Greed of Money or Love of Living

In California, for a family trying to buy a home (be it condo, townhouse, or detached single family home) in the Bay Area—Eastbay, North Bay (Napa, Vallejo, and San Rafael), South Bay, Peninsula and San Francisco—for example, is nothing short of needing a miracle. How are families able to compete with investors who are offering cash and/or astronomical moneys, offering as much as double what a house is listed for? It suddenly becomes a bidding war, and a couple with a modest salary and a worthy down payment does not stand a chance!...more
@JuliaHanna Home in the Bay Area are ridiculously high. I agree. And my son-in-law and daughter ...more

Bay Area BlogHer Pre-BlogHer '10 Meet Up, Saturday July 24!

D'oh! SOLD OUT! See you in NYC or around town! -SR 7/15Come one, come all to the BlogHer Bay Area pre-BlogHer '10 meet up!  Maybe you're attending BlogHer '10 and want to connect with other local attendees beforehand. Maybe you couldn't attend this year, but want to have the next best thing, a local BlogHer meet-up! Either way,this meet-up is for you....more

13 Tips for Mobilizing Online Action

On Monday night I went to a great event, Money, Mobs, and Media: Mobilizing Action for Change, presented by The Hub Bay Area. The panelists were Matt Flannery of, Steve Newcomb of Virgance, and Ben Rattray of Regina Connell of SaltCellar moderated. ...more