BCS: Change Your System NOW!

Did you watch the BCS “Championship” game between LSU and Alabama?  Or, did you fall asleep in the middle of it from sheer boredom, like I did?  From anybody’s perspective (except, maybe, those myopic folks in the SEC), the game was a yawner.  The “experts” (mostly those who are somehow beholden to the BCS…or naturally, ESPN!) called it a “defensive battle” but I stand by my assertion: it was a major bore....more

2011 BCS Championship & Top Memories of Bedlam Football From an Okie Fan

Well, there are games and then there are football rivalries. There are rivalries, then there are meaningful and epic battles that change the national discussion about who should be playing LSU for the BCS game.There are national discussion-changing matches...annnnd, then there's Bedlam....more

College Football Without USC is Just Plain Boring

It’s another Saturday afternoon, there’s college football everywhere and yet the day is grim and dull.  Why?  I’ll tell you why.  It’s because the USC Trojans don’t factor into the post-season.  (Full disclosure: I am a Trojan fan and have been a dedicated Trojan fan for many years.)  The football program is in the second year of a two-year post-season ban, which means they aren’t part of any screwball BCS rankings and they can’t play in a bowl game.  But, what this also means is that the Trojans are nobody’s evil menace; they aren’t fodder for national analyst...more

Bowl Games or Playoffs? Where do You Stand on the BCS?

Every sports fan knows that late December brings more that just the holidays. That's right. It is Bowl Game season. I get a little bit weird about the bowl games. I love watching sports anyway, but 34 games in 19 days is like a football bender every year. It is almost as awesome as March Madness. ...more

I have read the blog, and the remarks. . .

I am a guy doing research on the college ...more