Be the Change You Wish to See in the World

How many times have you heard or read this poignant quote from Gandhi?  Being a change advocate since birth I live and breathe these words.  I experienced this active change Gandhi was talking about firsthand when my daughter courageously stepped forward, effectively stopping a child molester who had been abusing his students for seven years....more

Define Your Life’s Meaning by Being Yourself

Call it a midlife crisis or finding myself or just a turning point. But at 40 I’m starting to finally figure out I’m okay to just be me. And I kinda like who I am.I’m finally learning – or maybe just admitting – that it’s just fine to be what I want and not what others expect. That if someone is disappointed in me, in the things I say or do, that’s a reflection of who they are, not of who I am. I do not have to live up to others’ expectations of me but only to the expectations I set for myself. I am allowed to determine what it means to be ME, to define my own life....more

Powerful Beyond Measure

What gives words their power in our lives? Is it the context in which they’re used? Is it the speaker or the writer of them? Or is it the words themselves, the combination of them, that gives them power?...more

Remember How You Feel

Imagine you’re at a crossroads today…which will you choose? Are you going to be average or memorable?...more

How To Advocate For Yourself With Doctors

When I read the following Facebook post from my friend Aviva Romm, MD, it struck me that if a Yale-trained physician who works with Mark Hyman, MD has this much trouble getting the kind of medical care we all deserve, we have a bigger problem than I even realized. Fair or not, usually doctors get easier access to health care than those outside of our field....more

Would You Confront Another Mom for Talking Poorly to Her Child?

A minute or so after we sat down I heard the mother scold her son quite loudly. Now, I am not one to judge other parents. Believe me, we are all doing the best we can. My first thought at hearing this was sympathy for her. I know that kind of frustration well. My daughter, the people watcher she is, tuned into her harsh tone immediately. Five minutes passed and the woman had now scolded the little boy for turning around, spilling food, grabbing food and talking. Throughout it all, I never even heard the boy's voice. The first time I heard him speak, was through his cry. That's when my daughter let me know that he was crying....more
I believe that it's the right thing.  Sometimes someone needs to have their bad behavior pointed ...more

Be the Change: Earth Hour

Today's e-mail brought a request from WWF Canada for me to join other Canadians in being a part of Team Earth Hour. (This year, Earth Hour is on Saturday, March 31, 2012 from 8:30 to 9:30 p.m. - and beyond, if you so desire!) ...more

Change Your World

Yesterday I was listening to a marketing seminar by Suzanne Evans and one of her bullet lines was ‘Don’t try to change the world, change your world’. A spin on Gandhi’s famous ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’ and something that immediately resonated with me....more