Be a Light in a Dark World

November 17, 2015November 16, 2015 | Espirational ...more

On Overcoming a Fear

An Open letter to my 4 year old self #Rapecultureiswhen

Too many children have been or are in  the position of being molested in our country. It is a sad state of affairs, yes a lot of it has to do with the way our society perceives women and how we perceive ourselves. As a little girl that has been in this situation, none of that matters at the time, but it needs to change. What matters is that we build our little girls up. So not to fear opening up about it, to not fear saying NO! ...more

Are You Afraid To Lose Weight?

What are you holding on to?...more

THE FEARLESS not a STUPID LIFE.....Is Fear Running (RUINING) Your Life.....?

IS FEAR RUNNING YOUR LIFE? Is FEAR RUINING YOUR LIFE?If you allow Fear to Run your life….It is likely it will Ruin your life……So many people today are living their lives solely based upon FEAR…..Fear of the “next shoe dropping….” Sure, it is understandable why people have fears……And yet, it is not understandable for a person to allow fear to ruin their life….....more

Dear God, I’m Fearless, Free; Chains No Longer Bind Me!

Dear God,...more