DIY Baby Wipes - No sewing required - Just scissors

Moms-I can't tell you how long I spent researching how to make my own baby wipes. Sad, really. Especially because I can't get that time back. I bet if I had just asked my great-grandma, she would have told me in less than a minute how to do it. I mean, come on, she re-purposed old whiskey bottles into baby bottles. I'm going to save you time AND money by just cutting to the chase. No need to watch tons of YouTube videos. No need to run out and take a sewing class or buy a sewing machine (or something called a serger). You don't need to buy rolls of paper towels and cut them in half....more

Saving Water in an Apartment Building

My love of recycling/up cycling comes in part from my need to not waste things. I don't like to waste food, paper, gas, scraps of fabric, basically I'm like your Grandma. I re-use cereal boxes! (Remember my business cards?) So, it probably doesn't come as a big surprise that we like to conserve our water! Living in a building certainly makes it trickier, but here our 10 ways we save our H2O....more

Curbside Finds: Bookshelf Makeover

I have a confession: I am a curbside looky-loo.It's a breed of person that slows down their vehicle, possibly holding up traffic, just to see if there's something good on that curb full of unwanted items.  I do this to find a great project for the most part, but often it's because I know that sometimes trash is just treasure waiting for a coat of paint.  I consider it my duty to the Earth to roadside rescue and save those items from the landfill.  Recently, I found a great curbside rescue and wanted to polish it up and take it a step further....more

Growing (and Using!) Your Own Herbs

Gardeners are gamblers. Every year we scatter seeds, stock up on seedlings, amend our soil, water faithfully, cross our green thumbs, close our eyes, and pray for something out there to survive -— all the while knowing that Mother Nature has totally stacked the cards against us. Why? Because we've tasted that delicious homegrown payout, and we crave more. And besides, even if we lose everything this year, we know there's always a chance we can win it all back, and then some, next season....more
So jealous of all the space you have.  I have to cram my veggies and herbs into pots.  But I'm ...more

How to Clean naturally and save Money. Recipes Included.

How to Clean Naturally and save money. Recipes included. (via The Savings Wife)Bathroom Cleaning: 1.  All Purpose Cleaner/Window Cleaner:    Simply mix:  White Vinegar, Water in equal parts. If you cleaning something that needs something more simply heat in the microwave then use.2.  Toilet Bowl Cleaner: Mix 1/4 cup baking soda and 1 cup vinegar, pour into basin and let…...more

Go Green and Save Money

I’ve been trying to find different ways for my family to be more 'green' but the main issue is that being green can sometimes cost a lot more.  So, I went looking for ways to be both nice to the environment and nice to my wallet.  Let’s be honest, most of the population isn’t going to change their lifestyle if it is going to cost more. I’ve come up with five easy changes that will not only help reduce excess waste but also save the average family a decent amount of money each year....more
There are always something we can do for our environment and our own good. Reducing the usage of ...more