4 Ways to Tap into Your Creative Genius

In my last post, I wrote about how we all have our own unique genius in us. This week, I'm following up with some ways you can tap into that creativity more. I've said it before and I'm bound to say it again—creativity is innate. We all have it. You can choose to nurture it and get more from it. Here's some ways to help you do it:...more

Creative Cravings

A couple months ago, I burned out. I was stressed, exhausted and worn down like I was stuck on a treadmill ramped up to full speed.Why do I do this to myself?I earnestly considered and explored this question.It occurred to me that I chose all this, and I could chose to leave it, if I wanted, too. I could have a life with no waking up at 5 a.m., no staying up late to draft blogs, no pouring hours and hours into researching contacts for wordhausoutreach …...more