Defining the Free in Freelancer

For most of us, the daily grind begins with an already-lost battle with our smug alarm clock, a grateful inhaling of strong caffeine, and a five-day per week commute to our place of work. For those of you in management consulting, the grind is even more extreme, with 5:00 am Monday morning trips to the airport to fly to a remote client site, and returning home only on Thursday night, after living in a hotel room for four days. ...more

The toughest job you'll never have (unless you try)!

There's nothing quite like working from home......more

Spend Less Save More: Be your own Boss

It’s often hard to find  those typical 9to 5 jobs and for moms sometimes 9-5 simply won’t do; so if you’re looking for a convenient part-time flexible new job why not try some of these options.Product sales-womanExpand your social circle and earn a few bucks promoting and selling items in your community.Pay: Differs from company to company but is generally commission-based....more

Business Planning 101

One of the reasons why so many businesses fail is because they fail to plan.  You wouldn't think of going on vacation without a plan so why would you dream of hitting the road to self-employment without one? ...more

Are You Cut Out for Self-Employment?

Do you have what it takes to be self-employed?  It can look so easy from the outside looking in, but that is a total mirage because it barely provides a peek into what it really takes to run a successful business. ...more
Such great advice! I've been thinking about self-employment for a bit now and your series has ...more