How To Survive A Day At The Beach With A Toddler

I forgot what it is like to bring a small wiggly child to the beach. I forgot how needy and curious a wee one is. And how little he can hold in his attention or for what impish amount of time. It’s easy to forget this at home where everything is baby-proofed. But you can’t baby-proof nature. Can you?...more

Nicolaï Musc Monoï (2014): Ambre Solaire Remastered {New Perfume}

The house of Nicolaï will launch a new perfume to usher in summertime called Musc Monoï. It is inspired by the scent of the famous suntan oil Ambre Solaire, a favorite of perfumer-creator Patricia de Nicolaï......more

Calvin Klein Eternity Summer for Women & Men (2014) {New Fragrances}

Calvin Klein will introduce a limited-edition duo from March 2014, Eternity Summer for Women and Eternity Summer for Men......more

The Writing or Creating Space of Your Dreams ~ NaBloPoMo Prompt

Walking on Wednesday ~ The Space of Your Dreams ~ NaBloPoMo Prompt...more


Dear readers, it’s Friday so let’s have some fun and let me take you on a virtual holiday to the beach! I know a lot of you will be sweating it out at your desk but I hope that looking through my beach mood board will trigger some lovely memories and bring a smile to your face. The mind is a powerful thing and I’m going to attempt to take you to the beach in my best soft and soothing hypnotic voice. Ready!? Breathe deeply and close your eyes. Err, no don’t close your eyes as you won’t be able to see my lovely beach mood board....more


This beach side apartment and holiday home in Juan les Pins, France is referred to as the ‘fun house’ by their creators and architects Studio UdA....more

Heading to the beach?


Maui Babe

Maui Babe  Yesterday, being my first day at the beach this season, I decided to try a tan accelerant that I've heard my best friend talk about for years. It's called Amazing Maui Babe  Browning Lotion. ...more

Jack Handy's Bewbs

Do you know what 1.5 days on the beach can get you? I mean, aside from a gloriously crispy rack? Read more about it here....more

Short But Sweet

My car smells like old french fries.  The bottom of the washing machine is filled with the fine gray sand of the Georgia coast.  Carlos' little wrists are more tan than they should be.  Vivi's curls have been tied in knots by the sea breeze.  Yesterday, we woke up to the sound of the surf and fell asleep to the sound of rain on our roof.My newest happy memories were made with my oldest friends.  It must have been a Road Trip Weekend....more