la familia mazunte, soñadores

the shaman who gave us his blessing repeated, again and again, "for health, for wealth, for mind, for heart, for the next generation...". he said, "you must stay together always" and he beat his man-made bird's wing on our bodies, blew resin smoke in our faces, shoved mats of lemongrass under our feet, and in each of our hands placed an offering (to our collective soul, i suppose). ...more

thanks for posting this. it's like dreaming.





If you need me, I'll be at the sea

If you need me I’ll be at the sea Where the oceans of dreams wash over me Boats drift, sand shifts, and my spirit lifts To the ocean, the beach, the sea It’s all I am or ever want to be While most are slaves to work and it’s many hassles I have the waves and an endless shore of castles So, if you need me I’ll be at the sea No need to look for me Right down by the beautiful shore Right down by the ocean’s door Feel the soft gulf breeze And tell me how you could ever leave No, not me-I’m down at the sea ...more

Disrespectful Fowl and the Auto Bird Turd Emergency Kit

I parked my car at the beach for five days. I drive a red Dodge Magnum. Seagulls and sea birds must love red cars because they threw a party on my car for five days. Yuk! ...more

A Day at the Beach

Check out the latest post at The More The Messier (http://www.suburban and find out why you should be glad that you got to just stay home yesterday. ...more

Staying Safe on Sand and Surf

As the dog days of summer descend on North America, men, women, children are heading to their local beach to beat the heat. And while many are awareness of beach and water safety, B of earthchicknits recently experienced a unique and singularly terrifying event involving a beach hazard that few consider dangerous. ...more