Ruby's Pedigree via Doggy DNA Testing

My friends Denise and Tarrant have a puppy named Skeeter Bess. Skeeter looks a lot like Ruby. On a whim Denise decided to have Skeeter Bess’s DNA tested to see what breed she is.  The results were interesting to say the least....more

A Day in the Life of Mollie - A Home At Last

Mollie is a beagle.  For those of you that do not know about beagles, they are loving, gentle, trusting, and stubborn.  Mollie is no different.  Mollie is also a rescue and here is her story in "her own" words, so to speak. ...more

A Day in the Life of Mollie - Chocoholic Dog

Let me preface this by saying, Mollie is fine and being a little stinker as usual.Last night was our company's holiday gathering.  I left work a little early to go home and change before going to the restaurant.  When I got home, the bed linens were off my bed and the cushion coverings were off the couch and loveseat.  Oddest of all, my husband and son were not home and Mollie, our eleven year-old beagle was missing.  What was going on?  I had no clue....more

Songs from the Wood

Three lefts are all it took to get to Gideon Woods from my house.  I probably could've made it in fifteen minutes.  Maybe even ten. But there was so much to see and do.  It wasn't like I had A.D.H.D....more

Fast Dogs--Part I

When our long-legged, beagle-howling, slut puppy, sister hounds run away, my husband always says a prayer.  "I pray they never come back."I'm telling you what, they were so cute when we got 'em at the Manteo Island Animal Shelter thirteen years ago. I loved the way their silky ears were bigger than their heads....more

Day 1: It worked for me....Can it work for my pet?

DAY 1 training for Ava....I have been feeling really guilty lately. I have had a lot of success losing weight recently. Lost over 55 lbs! That is a good thing. However, looking at my little pride and joy, I know there is a problem. How could I have let this getso out of hand??? I don't have any kids, so all the love I could give a child I have given to my beloved beagle, Ava. She has always been over weight. She is about 15 lbs. Definately obese. But she is sweet and kind. I adore everything about her and want her around as long as possible. She is getting close to 10 years old these days....more

I am not.

There are many things that I am not. I am not super organized. I am not a complete neat freak (any more). I am not obsessed with the way I look. I am not good at math. I am not as well traveled as I would like to be. I am not a person who likes Brussels sprouts. I am not an avid reader. And, perhaps, I am not a pet person. I've come to discover this over the past few days. ...more

I am also not a pet person. Yet... I have 2 dogs, 4 cats, 3 turtles, a rat and a cockatiel. ...more

Wakey, Wakey, Eggs and...wait that's no bacon!!!

Nothing says "Rise and Shine" like...poop. ...more